Americans are we upright?

Stolen from the Patriot Post

“Americans need a little more patience and Iraqis a little less. That’s the judgment of Gen. John Abizaid… ‘Our problem is to give up some control. The Iraqi problem is to take control,’ says Abizaid, who as head of Central Command has overall responsibility for U.S. forces here. He says Americans shouldn’t think of the transition as a straight line—’as they stand up, we stand down’ —but as a process of gradual stabilization.” —David Ignatius

“Somehow, despite contrary facts that are palpably clear in the historic record, [American and European leaders] have managed to convince themselves and the world that the most terrible wars of the 20th century occurred because nations didn’t do enough talking to resolve their differences [when in] fact, they occurred because shortsighted, peace-minded leaders allow[ed] good intentions and wishful thinking to take the place of an accurate assessment of the identity and intentions of their adversaries.” —Alan Keyes

I read these things and have to wonder.  What, I ask, has happened to America, to it’s people? This nation has forsaken the very things upon which it was founded. What happened to Sua Sponte in your face action by Americans when they know quite well that something is just plain wrong.

Is it just “political correctness?” Is it some desire to be accepted by other nations and peoples? Is it plain old fashioned cowardliness disguised as being more civilized, like a set of the emperors new clothes? Is it some sort of new morality that all of us must kow tao too in order to feel as though we are civilized and better than those that would stand proud and defend our beliefs?

This American will place his faith in a Winchester well before I would any diplomat. That, based upon “misfire” rates, if nothing else.

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