This, is a recording…

I posted essentially the same thing a few years ago on the Liberty News Forum. I was roundly blasted by the know it all authoritarians there. Now, the cry is becoming not only common place, but accepted.

“This shooting [in Pennsylvania], and the ones last week in Colorado and Wisconsin, and every school shooting in the past 10 years all had one thing in common: They all happened in so-called ‘gun-free school zones,’ where students and adult staff are essentially helpless. Gun control extremism has disarmed the wrong people and created risk-free environments for those who would commit murder and mayhem. It is time to re-consider gun-free school zone laws and the zero-tolerance mentality such laws foster. We can no longer afford the empty-headed Utopian illusion that gun control and gun-free zones will keep children safe. Like all other gun control laws, this one has been a monumental failure, and it is literally killing our children. If it saves the life of just one child, abolishing such laws will be worth the effort.” —Alan Gottlieb

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