To Arms! To Arms! The Democrats are coming!

The national picture appears as bleak as it does locally here in Colorado. Big government types are poised to take the reign as conservatives fail to stand their ground and pander for votes. Of course, the polls could be wrong, but this time I rather doubt it. The Republicans made their beds, and now they get to sleep in them.

Just what do we have to look forward to from the Democrats? More sexist anti-male legislation that is for sure. More un-constitutional ex post facto laws. More takings of constitutional rights based upon non-felony crimes. Ever escalating taxes that will throttle the life out of the economy. Hide your guns and ammunition now before it is to late. Forget about raising your children because soon the Democrats will take parenting from you in order to establish a dynasty for socialism. Religion will still be tolerated, but only so long as you kneel to the alter of government authoritarianism. [Read Democrat Socialism.]

Just what would the Republicans do if given a second chance through some fluke? Probably just ask for more money to squander.

Both parties will continue to leave our borders un-secured and wide open for any terrorist to walk right across hell bent upon our destruction.

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