Planet “on a hair trigger” … « Energy Smart

Planet “on a hair trigger” … « Energy Smart

More of the new religion as I call it. Can someone, anyone, please tell me when the Earth was not either cooling or warming? Glaciers have been falling into oceans for eons, the polar caps have expanded and receded forever, and man has had nothing at all to do with that.

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  1. asiegel Says:

    And, since when has anyone who is thoughtful about Global Warming / catastrophic climate change denied that climate has changed throughout earth’s history?

    Is there any argument that none of the current warming trend could be associated with / caused by natural trends?

    Are you so questioning of humanity’s ability to achieve things that you view it as impossible that humanity could impact something as large as the climate?

    You see CO2 levels higher than in over a million years as ‘normal’? Consider that current (and augmenting) CO2 levels are above anything experience by homo sapiens.

    You see melting ice, droughts, and mounting global temperatures and aren’t worried because, well, conditions sometime within Earth’s millions of years of history the conditions were the same …


  2. patricksperry Says:

    First things first; When have any of those so-called thoughtful folks addressed that climate change is a natural phenomenon? When?

    Second; The global warming crowd seems to simply ignore that this could be a natural event, and ascertains that it must be caused by mankind.

    Third; Yes, I do not see any ability for mankind to drasticly affect something as large a the climate.

    Fourth; The CO2 levels are not all that much higher than in the past, and are actually somewhat lower than at some points in geologically verifiable history. Try doing some actual research, rather than listening to talking points.

    I see the Earth changing, as it always has been. The Eco system is dynamic, it always has been, and always will be. We, as adaptable creatures, will also change in response to the changing world around us.


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