Who do you believe on Iran? « Carsons Post

schumer-weasel.jpgWho do you believe on Iran? « Carsons Post

This would be an interesting piece of work if the theme was not so overwhelmingly anti American. Forget about what President Bush says for a moment. What are ex-patriots from Iran saying? Well? I happen to have met a few of them. They talk of government sanctioned kidnapping, and torture as if it were the norm in the civilized world. Yet we are supposed to listen to the Russians, and negotiate with Iran seemingly forever? What the heck! Even the spineless French are beginning to talk about taking action against Iran.

Then there is indeed, the question about Israel. What law did they break to “illegally” acquire nuclear weapons? By using their collective brains and putting their resources to work for their own survival they broke some law? Who have they threatened to wipe from the face of the Earth?

One might think that the hate America First crowd would also have enough intelligence to realize that when / if America gets stomped by some fascist Islamic group that their collective heads would be adorning some fence post long before they could even begin to establish a Peoples Republic of the United States of America.

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2 Responses to “Who do you believe on Iran? « Carsons Post”

  1. Sam Carson Says:

    Your reaction seems pretty absurd. Nobody at Carsons Post agrees with how the government of Iran treats their people, I for one have taken part in numerous campaigns for human rights in Iran. We do what we can. But this was never about Iran policy toward their people, it was about the Bush Admin and their media corp lackeys, which surprise surprise have found a more efficient way of turning out garbage than their paymasters at Walmart.

    But the objection is the constant “evil empire” of the week rhetoric. It’s lazy and in this case does nothing but help Ahmadinejad and re-enforce his credibility in the region, and worse, his country. He is, after all, democratically (Ahmadinejad I mean) elected. So, whenever he gets international headlines, chances are he gets more credibility, which means he may win another election. As in that region of the world, opinion of American foreign policy is quite low due to ill-planned occupations and the cultural clumsiness of expecting some poor, scared GI from Nebraska to effectively police/diplomatically administer the social tensions of Sadr City.

    Hate America first? Please. Disappointed Yet Again by American Foreign Policy takes a bit longer to say but is at least accurate. I, like you should, expect more from American policy that this banal, predictable, uninspired rubbish that the US passes off as international diplomacy. And as for the American Media, a more sickening group of mindless sycophants history has not before produced. Talk about sleep at the wheel.

    I’d comment on the last sentence but I don’t know what it means. Were you being ironic?


  2. patricksperry Says:

    It should be pretty obvious, but I shall explain it. Those that are yelling the loudest would be the first to go, as in killed.
    I agree that the constant onslaught by both the government and the media lead to a numbing of the brains of most people. I call it the disaster of the day syndrome.
    Thanks for the comments.


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