Obama’s International Socialist Connections « No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!

Obama’s International Socialist Connections « No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!

And here is yet another reason not to vote for Obama.

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  1. globaldemocrate Says:

    The global financial challenges of the twenty first century.

    By Choudhary Mohammad Khalid Khatana.

    After the worst financial crises in the modern history, the entire world looks like a small village, shocked and freight end after a horrible earthquake waiting for the after shakes and help from unknown supernatural hands to save the rest of what ever is left to start a new life.
    The most civilized and powerful world seems to bow down before these manmade and expected global economy turmoil.
    My warnings prior to all these catastrophe since 1994 and earlier with details of my letters to US presidents, UNO and other world leaders are available as a trouble maker, populist approach, unreasonable critic, etc. Thanks. See also my columns and press release after 11 September 2001.

    The powerful leaders of the world were intoxicated in globalization of the colonial economy and forgot the basic principles needed strongly applied to this little vulnerable village. Bushes doctrine of invasion to launch global market economy colonialism by showing big muscular to the part of a religion never afraid of death seems to be the last spike in the capitalistic coffin. The blind faith in uncontrolled democratic values are defeated by the new supper power Marxist, Lennonist controlled market economy. As the sand castles are falling down one by one each week in Europe , USA, Middle East and For East, Mr. Putin and his fellows are the real cloven of this entire gambling laughing our the revenge on the past enemies of Russian Empire and Afghan war.
    In a serious approach to a global contest with our common values social, economical and geopolitical, there is no space for double and triple morality by no means to rescue and restore peace, prosperity, economical stability and constant growth in future in this global village. There is left no space for militarization and failures made by the leaders on all sides.
    It is not possible to create trust in the entire world before assuming and taking responsibility of the past wars and robbery where trillions of dollars are just vanished over night almost, how and where? How this gambling in stock exchanges world over was possible. Daily equity report of the real assets were never necessary to show before selling the shares, blind bidding on shares, houses, buildings, funds and funding resulted in doubling of prices in few years leaving no doubts that there is a master mind behind the “ Double Shaw” game. Like all gambling the chances of loosing are more likely than winning. In this game no one is sitting with profit, every one is feeling ashamed and looser but not unexpected.
    This catastrophe is going to hit poor nations more badly because they were dependent on rich nations who were real masters of this new colonial market economy in the third world. When the masters become the beggars, who is going to take responsibility of the market colonies. As all other free markets no one cares to take responsibility now a days. There is not a single pact or treaty to bound these masters. In case they can “ help” with some million US Dollars to the local democratic colony dictators to keep in tact with the local poor community or by increasing some infantry divisions to keep them down there.
    Around 4 billion people in this global village are living under the bottom line of poverty earning less than 2 US dollars pr. day or 60 US Dollars pr. month for one whole family to feed, covering housing and education for the children. Not a single world leader has been able to forth see that the world economy will strangled when 2/3 part of this global village has been removed all possibilities to take part in the development and prosperity. Not a single world leader could fourth see that the globalization of market economy will never work for a longer period before removing the old colonial system from the entire third world. I will be very glade if some one could react and dare to launch changes needed in the third world to create a real and new market over night and that is possible. The global community can help poor nations to get rid of the market colonial system witch they inherited 60 years ago after second world war and which is still going strong, what a shame.
    4 billion people could become your new markets of tomorrow, which you need badly. This is the time when the entire global village needs solidarity, trust and peace to restart a new future together. You did not helped them when you had these trillions, how could you do it now?
    A friend in need is a friend indeed. These 4 billion poor people are your real friends indeed.
    My good friends I am here to help you by providing trillions of US Dollars weekly from the third world markets in exchange to a solidarity pact with the poor workers of the third world for assuring them the minimum wage equal to 1 / 3 of the Scandinavian wages or US$ 1500 per month. I hope that it is not too much demanded. They will start paying taxes to establish welfare systems in their countries to live a worthy life. The corrupt leaders will stop begging to the rich countries. Real democracy will start furnishing over there. Many social problems in the third world, like poverty, terrorism, prostitution, looting and corruption will be eliminated. Best of all the jammed economy will boost after breaking the evil circle of money in few hands. People from the third world countries will not migrate to the “ Rich” countries. They need peace and not wars for God sake for the real development in those areas. They need democratic elected leaders and not appointed civil or military dictators. Peace keeping forces only from the local neighbouring countries to restore peace and democracy in trouble countries.
    This black whole will not be filled with 750 billions even 750 trillions will not be enough in this tiny global village. May be we need some ting more than only money and wealth, unity, faith, discipline for our common basic human rights and values to achieve our common goals
    for the entire humanity, mother nature, environment and the planet itself.

    Controlled economy structure is better than gambling free with sand castles. Free market economy is just like a bubble and one can see what happens when the air is out. A realistic approach to the global financial problems seems to be more needed than the Robin Hood mentality.

    The whole world is waiting anxiously for the result of American presidential election. Like always every thing starts and ends with America. World is waiting for a change toward a new direction, so do the third world as well to become your saviour and savage. Stop buying corrupt leaders over there and stop the wars. Bring in real democracy in the third world and create real wage system, all problems and issues will settle down when they have money in their pockets, then they could become the best adviser in the world to save the planet.
    Barack Obama could be probably the best president to bring forward in this regard to save the planet.

    In our global village where the money was stuck in the hands of only few nations resulting the worst economical disaster needs a new global joint approach to be considered in a broad geopolitical and global economical contest much more seriously than ever earlier and with all care needed for this serious issue of the twenty first century.
    Best Regards,
    Ch. Mohammad Khalid Khatana
    Chairperson: Pakistan Jinah Labour Party. (PJLP).
    Pakistan Jinah Labour Organization. (PJLO).
    Pakistan Jinah Workers Organization (PJWO), Norway.
    Global Workers Organization. (GWO).

  2. patricksperry Says:

    And you smoked a bowl of what before posting this..?

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