Update On Pakistan from Eye Witness Muhammad « Peace and Freedom ‘08

Update On Pakistan from Eye Witness Muhammad « Peace and Freedom ‘08

This is an interesting piece. However, it seems as though it is filled with double-speak. That could be do to language barriers though. Peace in the tribal regions? Has it ever been so? This is a difficult part of the world, it always has been that way. Much as I would laud any progress there, I have serious doubts that a true state of peace will be established. Please note the authors last paragraph…

Dear Sir, situation is tribal areas is still critical as terrorists have been killing and terrorising the people. The people of tribal areas are grateful to you for your kindness and love with them. Your positive approach has now been some positive change. A lot of thanks.

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  1. patricksperry Says:

    Warfront with Jihadistan: Pakistani problems
    With the terrorist threat growing in the mountainous tribal areas of Pakistan, U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan have begun more firmly to request permission for limited strikes against indigenous Pakistani tribes across the border. The White House has declined the requests for now, fearing that attacking Pakistani radicals within Pakistan would anger and possibly destabilize the country’s new government, which is itself negotiating with the militants. U.S. commanders would prefer that the Pakistani army attack the militants, but Pakistani military operations in the tribal areas have been dialed back while the negotiations take place. The Pakistani government is now close to an agreement with some of the tribes to cease hostilities. The White House’s official reaction was, “We are concerned about [the deal].”

    American intelligence officials say the Pakistani tribal networks have taken on an increasingly important role in helping al-Qa’ida plot attacks against American and allied troops in Afghanistan, as well as against targets in the West, in essence becoming what Afghanistan was prior to 9/11. Obviously, there is a current and growing threat in Pakistan that the U.S. military needs to eliminate. Yet the place where the military needs to strike is the place where American forces are most restricted, for fear of pushing an unstable, nuclear-armed Pakistan fully into the jihadi camp. The Bush administration currently says the risk of angering the Pakistani government and increasing anti-American sentiment outweighs the benefits of striking the terrorists. But if the jihadis grow too strong, Pakistan will be lost anyway. So unless the Pakistani Army steps up soon, the U.S. military will have to be given the green light to strike hard in Pakistan and crush the jihadis before they reach strength.

    source: Patriot Post

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