Rape like a Patriotic American « interpellate

Rape like a Patriotic American « interpellate

This is just so much more from the hate America First brigade. Do these things happen? Yes, they do, and when exposed the responsible parties are severely punished. In all cases, period. Are there ever false accusations, yes. A lot of them, just as in civilian society.

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3 Responses to “Rape like a Patriotic American « interpellate”

  1. The Dude Says:

    If someone in the American military does something revolting, it’s considered a consequence of policy decisions made at the top, while if an Al Qaeda terrorists does the same thing, it is explained a way as a reaction to ‘American Imperialism’.

  2. The Red Pill Says:

    It’s a shame that all the humanitarian acts performed by the majority of our troops are lost on people like this while they focus on the terrible acts of a few.

    The bigger shame is that our troops have to hear this garbage when they come home instead of recieving understanding and respect for going and doing a tough job when ordered, regardless of their personal politics and opinions.

  3. patricksperry Says:


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