White in America

White In America!

For those of you that watched “Black in America” on CNN, you might be interested in how it is to be White in America

1. We are racists. WE can not use the “I have a black friend” excuse, it doesn’t work. WE have either owned a black person or OUR family has, and therefore WE as white people OWE every Black person in America something.

2. WE are in control of ALL money in America, WE have the ability to hire anyone, and WE never hire black people because they are black. That is the rule.

3. When Black folks walk past US and WE grab your wallet or purse, that is a racist response no matter where WE are or what time of day it is. IT is acceptable however to open OUR wallet or purse and empty the contents on the sidewalk and run because (see #1 WE OWE THEM).

4. WE vote for Barak Hussein Obama because you owe black people.

5. WE don’t vote for Barak Hussein Obama because you are racist.

Oh and according to all politicians, movie makers, media outlets, sitcoms, radio hosts, bloggers or basically ANYONE saying anything… White, hetero sexual, Christian, Males are the reason for everything bad in America. However; if you mention any facts that do not agree with that assertion YOU ARE A RACIST!

I hope one day to see true racial equality, I hope one day to see the end of the victim mentality in America, and the start of the personal responsibility era, maybe my grandchildren will see it but I honestly believe it is ingrained in the culture now. Oh Shit I must now be a racist.

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Yes, I have a serious problem with these misconceptions…

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