The last job that I would want at this time

The last job that I would want at this time is that of being in the Secret Service on the Presidential Protection detail. Think about it… Barack Obama is going to be a major target for every disgruntled person, or group that is out there.

I myself foresee a whole lot of disgruntled people. His plans for this country, if carried out, will be what brings that about.


Income distribution will throttle what is left of the economy. Don’t worry one iota about recession. Think depression, on a global scale that has never been witnessed before.

His gun control schemes will not result in passive resistance like similar laws did in our neighbors land to the north. Resulting in a quiet retraction of the law.The coming depression will have people much more aware of providing for their own safety.

The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting ducks. It was written for the express purpose of resisting oppressive governments. That includes local authorities that commit outright acts of treason. For some reason, I think that the American people will not listen to any sort of Nuremberg excuses from them. Such as “I’m just doing my job.” Treason is treason.

I fully expect an expansion of misandry from this Congress as well as from this new President. Don’t forget the revenge factor because even more ex post facto law is headed down the pipe. The Bill of Rights went the way of the Dodo bird when that arch enemy of liberty Patricia Schroeder used public sympathy to pass her hate legislation. Later Bob Barr worked to have that same sort of oppression passed at the federal level. Barack Obama is, and has been a lackey for any and everything that will help to destroy America. Expect more of the same.

The Democrat / Progressive elite will see to it that they are ensconced in everlasting power. The international felon, George Soros will have his way with our nation. After all, he bought and paid for it. The only question is whether Barack Obama will lease the Lincoln bedroom to him, or give it to him as a gift for all the support that he has sent to the new President by whatever means.
Barack Obama will open the flood gates of illegal immigration from Mexico, but not from places like Ireland. They don’t, after all, have any sort of mafia that can pay off leftists.

No, I wouldn’t want to be in the Secret Service right now. After all, the Mayan calender calls for the end of the world as we know it in February, 2012

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2 Responses to “The last job that I would want at this time”

  1. dsgawrsh Says:

    Thanks for commenting at my blog. I’ve added you to my blogroll as we are of like-mind. Khrushchev said thay would spoon feed us this socialist crap until we crossed over – last night America did. I could barely watch the cheering throng in Chicago. All I could think is, “You idiots, what have you done?” And the Founding Fathers wept… I’m buying my first gun pronto!


  2. patricksperry Says:

    Buy several… While you still can!


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