India and Pakistan…

It is beginning to appear that these two longtime neighbors are about ready to throw down with each other. While the recent attack by terrorist’s in Mumbai that is really just a trigger for some age old difficulties that people from both nations have never quite worked out to either sides satisfaction.

The seeds of this brewing discontent go back centuries if not longer than that. From tribal conflicts and caste based societies, to religious conflict and things that go even beyond. This is a region of the world that is a powder keg with a very short fuse. It appears that there are indeed those that would love seeing that fuse ignited. The two countries contain a sizable portion of the worlds human population. Not to mention that others in the region could easily get dragged into any conflict. China and Australia come to mind, and should either of those countries get involved on a military level, others no doubt would also come into play.

The shear numbers of people that reside in the area would insure a war of incredible magnitude if fought on a conventional level. The fact that both India, and Pakistan have nuclear weaponry only presents the world with an even greater risk.

The world can only hope that cooler heads prevail.

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6 Responses to “India and Pakistan…”

  1. neel123 Says:

    First of all, the author is ignorant about history of the two nations, because they came into existance only six decades ago, not centuries.
    Secondly, the author surely knows that the powder keg of the region is the creation of Anglo-American designs on the region. The monster of Jihadi terrorism is a creation of the Anglo-American evil, to fight the Soviets. The monster has not gone away with the Soviets, now the monster is more ambitious to fight and defeat another superpower, that comes on their way to bring the whole world under islamic sharia, a vision espouse by the radical interpretation of Islam.
    And finally, in case of an all out war, the west can not shield themselves from paying a proportionate price. Destiny will make them pay for their misdeeds !


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    neel; You are a dip shit idiot. I referred too the peoples that inhabit the region. Hence the terms tribal etc.

    Anglo Americans started Islamic terrorism? You have been smoking way too much hashish to make any sense.

    In an all out war you would become nothing but a shard of nuclear glass…


  3. neel123 Says:

    Patrick, I don’t know your level of knowledge on the subject. You need to read the articles at the following links,

    I have more, if you need.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    How on earth you think that those actions started Jihad is beyond me. I was attacked by PFLP myself well before any of those things took place.

    My concerns are for the people that are living in the region. Not for any that would cause widespread disaster because they have an axe to grind with with people that are very far away. Like maybe the United States..? Or maybe China..?


  5. tonydowning Says:

    I agree with Patrick that neel doesn’t know his axle grease from third base. The origin of jihad violence is not America or Israel. The Islamic Middle East would be violent even if those two noble nations did not exist. The actual origin of Islamic, Middle Eastern violence is the decay of Middle Eastern Civilization, and the death throes thereof. To say that the Anglo-American alliance is evil, as neel does, is sheer ignorance. It was the power of the British Empire that took upon itself the task of ending the slave trade out of Africa, for example, against huge opposition worldwide. How is that evil, neel? Are you for real?


  6. Patrick Sperry Says:

    He’s a goof ball troll Tony. Hence, my unusual rudeness.

    Then, there is the historical fact that if they (Islamic militants) were not killing us, they would be hard at work butchering each other. Oh wait, they are already doing that…


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