A Republic Lost

The times they are a changing. Or so the song goes. Change can be a good thing. Forgetting the lessons of history are yet another thing though. I am stealing this work from Tracy at No Compromise because we have different readers, and it sends a message that needs to get out. Enjoy!

A Republic Lost – U.S. Constitution a Dead Letter

My blog buddy and co host Jefferson Paine has posted an important piece you must read and act on today!

“It has become akin to beating a dead horse, but we here at No Compromise feel it necessary to reveal the truth, even when it’s ugly.  Lately, it has become more than obvious, with a bona fide Usurper now occupying the Oval Office, and all branches of the U.S. Government running roughshod over the carcass of our once-sacred Constitution, that this miraculous document is now merely a dead letter.  Never, in my lifetime, would I think that I would be reporting on the following Unconstitutional mischief now cooked up by our esteemed apparatchiks in Washington.

“Through bill S. 160, Congress is poised to “grant” full voting and Representative power to the Federal seat of power – the liberal stronghold of Washington which fills the District of Columbia!!! (purposefully created as a ‘non-State’)  Not only is this power-move by the Democrat-controlled Capitol blatantly Unconstitutional, but is one more naked act of mob rule which our Constitution was designed to prevent – that is, if we decided to obey the supreme law of the land.  There is very scant time to stop this if we call our Congress-people immediately and demand that they cease this farce.  Isn’t it high time to start talking about exercising our moral and legal, God-given Right to peacefully secede from this corrupt federal circus??”

Read more here and PLEASE pass onto your lists

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