California Politics, it’s not just the budget

More than thirty years ago I left my birth state because things like no work, huge taxes, and what I considered to be corruption in favor of special interest groups was destroying what once was a very decent place to live, and raise a family.

Those special interest groups played the race card, the union card, and the gender card most often, but there were other things as well. So now, what was once the sixth largest economy in the entire world (if memory serves me correctly) is broke financially. Not to mention morally, and no, I’m not talking about bikini clad women and Hollywood. I’m talking about a refusal to honor what had been one of the strongest individual rights state constitutions in the union. Look at the flag of California, it says California Republic. That concept has been denigrated by social “progressives” and the politically correct. What has happened to California will be coming to your state soon if that sort of thing is allowed to continue. This is something for any and all to be thinking about today, Independence Day 2009.

My good bloging buddy BZ unloads about all this:

Ever since I’ve lived here (23years) I’ve noticed a couple things that I always thought would ruin a great state.
1. An over abundance of Mexican Nationals. (OK I’ll wait for the gasp and the cries of Racist……Done yet?.. Ok lets move on)

The reason I say that is, when you get such a culture switch as California has endured over the past 30 years, you end up with an area that resembles what the immigrants left. Take a look at LA. Mayor Antonio Villiaragosa is as corrupt as any politician in Mexico. Look at the education system, the health care system of California is a clear cut case of a good idea entrapped by corruption. in 1986 Reagan granted Amnesty to the Illegal Immigrants that were here already with a promise to curb the flood of future illegals. That didn’t happen, so now we have the “Original Illegals” that have MULTIPLIED and destroyed what little infrastructure was left, including Education, and Health-Care. On top of that we have the next generation of illegal’s waiting for Obama to grant Amnesty,  so they can follow in the foot steps of their forefathers….Now; for the first time in my life I am very worried for our nation. I honestly believe we are headed down the road to ruin.

When the IOU’s quit being honored, possibly as soon as July 11th, there will be an explosion in California that will have consequences from coast to coast. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nutjobs to go around in this state, and they are ALL NOT MEXICAN, but if you look at a few undeniable stats like “Welfare recipients” and “Prison racial breakdowns” as well as education statistics. Facts are facts. Look it up. Look at the hispanic UPTICK that corresponds with the state “Downturn”. Look at who raises the biggest stink when there is mention of school performance measures… They say it’s not fair, it’s because the classes are too big, or whatever….ITS THE EXPLOSION IN MEXICAN NATIONALS that has created that “Environment”…

I am not being racist because I notice the obvious, if you are offended it’s because you are in denial of the obvious.

So you ask how do you fix it? Let me tell you how easy it is. YOU QUIT MAKING IT EASY! Americans are people that overcome hardship, Americans are people that deal with things, find sollutions and get better, Americans USED to do that. NOW in California, if you don’t speak english, we make it easy for you, we make those that don’t speak spanish listen to a bi-lingual teacher re-read an assignment in spanish for you. We have signs in spanish we have everything for you so you really have no reason to learn english… Everyone suffers for that kindness. We have made an entire generation of immigrants into drooling zombies (Better known as Democrat voters) by allowing them the ability to remain MEXICANS first, rather than TRUE Americans, that believe in GOD, Family and Country. The new generation believes in “Gang, 40’s, and Ho’s” there is no “Patriotism” other than on Cinco De Mayo for the most part. Now there is one caveat.. ALL Mexican’s do not deserve this rant, if you are a hard working family, including your kids, you speak english, you don’t fly your Mexican flag and you consider yourself AMERICAN first… This rant is not about you or anyone like you. ITs about those that have sucked the life out of California by being what they left.

(/end rant)

2. Over Regulation. You look at the resources and possibility for employers to call California home, yet why do they leave? They leave because of Cal EPA, they leave because of Cal OSHA they leave because of the taxes levied on them they leave because of the HIGH cost of employing people. Our State Government is punishing the very folks it needs. They make really cute commercials showing how wonderful it is here…BUT they leave out the real reason we have the nations highest unemployment rate. REGULATIONS. The wonderful beaches, are HOMELESS encampments for the most part the mountains are great for “Green stuff” like Hiking and skiing but try to go hunting and fishing, or try to show your kids how to live off the land and see how much red tape you have to go through. Try to get a business license for something around here and you will see real quick why business are again EXITING STAGE RIGHT>

3. Crime rates, recividism, and the lack of public outrage when laws were passed regarding personal rights. When the Anti-Gun morons in California decided to pass these “Little” laws that didn’t really affect “ME” at the time were enacted, then there was a small outrage. It was the NRA that made their voces heard in Sacramento but they had little support in the form of public outrage. We simply kept working, kept enjoying the scenery and kept looking out for “Numero uno”….NOW we can’t buy much more than a pea shooter or we can buy it but only after CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL Government intrusion. We must submit to countless privacy invasion, now they are going to stamp ammo…any outrage yet?
So Sacramento has successfully restricted INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CALIFORNIA citizens in their right to self preservation, you then make laws and judgments that give the criminals advantages in courts. Oh and lets not forget their treatment behind bars, cable tv, weight rooms and “Networking Opportunities” that make the small time criminal come out stronger, more street smart and more well connected than when he went in. And then for shits and giggles lets take a few more cops off the streets when budgets need cutting….

4. When Arnie took office I HAD HOPE! That soon faded after I realized that he had NO HELP in the state house, he tried some good things and it was HAMMERED by the libtard elites, the very powerful unions and the ever present ACLU and LA-RAZA folks. they were able to stop a lot of plans Arnie had when he first took office that MAY have allowed CALIFORNIA to remain above this HISTORY MAKING DEBT! He had good ideas that would have stopped some of the illegal immigration SUCKING at the state teet. He had business friendly ideas he touted on his campaign to oust Davis, He had tried and true REAGAN type common sense sollutions to the problem of businesses leaving. WELL that didn’t last long, the Kennedy hand up his ass was obviously very strong and it took his nuts and turned them into small grapes…(Either that or steroids) So here we are— FUCT.

So for those of you not in California, stay tuned.. this will be interesting. Trust me, IF/When the shit does hit the fan, you will know I’m knee deep in the middle of it by the body count on roads headed South East.  First SOB tries to get in my way ends up on my bumper like a deer carcas….

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5 Responses to “California Politics, it’s not just the budget”

  1. Robert Says:

    Well, thanks for the plug Pat. And yeah I’m trying to get my ass outta here ASAP…but I am one of those folks that like to live on the edge, they might issue tags for criminals and I’d really like to bag a few before I leave.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I hear ya Robert. It nothing less than just plain sad what has happened in California.


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    NOTE: The credit for the story should be Bushwack, not BZ. The edit function is refusing to work…
    Me bad…


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  5. Colony14 Says:

    In a few months I will have left California for higher up into the Pacific Northwest where I have bought a modest acre of PEACE, for now.
    Unfortunately I had to grow up in Los Angeles County, and I could not read when I graduated High School and my first language is English.
    I tried to ‘Escape’ from down there to, Up here. Did’nt work. When Maxine Waters got her Bill HR-1851 & Pelosi got her Bill HR-3221 passed into law round’ 2007, HUD-Section 8 took off like a Stelth Fighter Plane straight into the Heart of the Sun.
    And now very Far-Nor-Cal looks like very Far-So-Cal. Ghetto n’ Barrio.
    All the crime and gangs are here and doing real well. The Mexican Nationals are growing in every square inch of National and State Forestlands.
    I was swimming and fishing one fine day way up here in the mountains and a helicopter was hovering overhead suddenly like ‘Apocolypse Now’.
    They were following some Mexican National’s that were running thru the trees to escape being caught by Feinstein’s task force on ‘Green Growers’ farms.
    These guys ran across the river like they were on fire. The one short little Mestizo guy could’nt swim, and he had to be fished out.
    Later, I read they were to be deported, but I swear I saw them back again in about 3 months time, in a little tiny mountain town getting beer.
    The DemoGRANTS will probably go straight after the Elderly homeowners and cancel out Prop. 13, so they can re-assess their homes, making it impossible for them to live there. But, they have had ample warnings, and we all have to face it sooner or later, or more like sooner now.
    Any sane person that would want to raise a family in a decent wholesome atmosphere should LEAVE this state, FAST.
    I’m going down to LA to say good-bye to my family down there, as my brother is passing away. I’m never going back this time.
    I only hope I make it out in time.
    I have seen the homeless camp in Sacramento already. And, I can tell you it is full of White people. As a matter of fact, I never see any Minority homeless people, only White homeless people.
    And, the people that bought my home way up here are not from the U.S.
    They have someone signing all the papers for them, but they are definately from somewhere down in Guatamala.
    They bought my house with the help of the U.S. Government and the state of California. They did not need a penny of their own money.
    There was a subsidy for everything for them.
    From what they were talking about, it seemed none of them were working. But, all of them were collecting a check.
    The elderly Grandmaw & Grandpaw were on SSI checks for $1,569 per month, and yet, they never worked in the U.S. ever!
    The children were on checks. The Mother was getting some kind of check and the Father said he owned his own business.
    They spoke only in Spanish. And, they thought I was a stupid Gringo.
    I just wonder how long people in California and other states will remain sheepish and asleep to what I have seen and learned all my life from this state.
    That is that they have LOST this state, and they will loose even more states if they keep allowing county after county to be filled with people that consider most of the U.S. theirs already.
    But, they could not acomplish this without the Governments help and the people of the U.S. allowing this to happen.
    If California, or any other state for that matter ever cuts these people OFF of their GRATIS checks and other goodies, they can expect a huge uprising/riot.
    But, it seems backwards. Like the people that should be doing the rioting and uprising should be the people that have allowed the Government to pamper and baby all these people that have moved in and taken over with their help.
    There would be no need for Deportation talk if they were simply cut off, they would have to go back to the lower portion of “THEIR” land.
    It’s never too late to stand up for your homeland.
    But, people will have to live thru very bad experiences before they would actually do anything to protect the land where they were born.
    I’m only glad that I did not wait too long to buy property higher up into the PNW.
    I waited too long in LA, and did not get as much as my neighbors that were smarter than me did.
    But, was it really smart of them to up and leave?
    If they would simply have stayed put and fought for their lands, then we would not have to watch another ‘Shamnesty’.


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