Tax Increases Out the Wazoo‏

Thanks to Lakewood activist Natalie Menten for alerting us about these debilitating tax increases to be heard very soon…
“On Wednesday, January 27, multiple bills raising taxes (through eliminating tax exemptions) will be heard in the House Finance committee. I’ve listed the worst bills below. Click on the bill number to read the text.

These bills are being fast tracked and would become effective almost immediately. Please e-mail or phone the committee members to voice opposition to these tax increases. This is the BEST opportunity we have to kill these bills before they go to the House floor.

Alternaitvely, you can attend the committee meeting to voice opposition. The Finance committee will meet at 1:30 pm, in the Legislative Service Building at 14th & Sherman, room LSB-A, across the street from the capitol (Note that the “House Calendar” incorrectly reflects different meeting information).

HB 10-1189

Elimates Sales Tax Exemption on Direct Mail

HB 10-1190
Temporarily eliminates the sales tax exemption on storage, use or consumption of electricity, fuel and other energy products.

HB 10-1191
Eliminates the sales tax exemption on candy and pop.  By the definition included in this bill, even honey roasted nuts are candy.

HB 10-1192
Eliminates sales tax exemption on some software products.

HB 10-1193
Requires out of state retailers to collect sales tax on Coloradan’s purchases.

HB 10-1194
Eliminates sales tax exemption on non-essential items such as plastic ware, condiments, napkins, bags and other items.

HB 10-1195
Suspends sales tax exemption on products used to care for livestock and crops.

HB 10-1198
Suspends the Alternative Minimum Tax credit.

HB 10-1199
Reduces net operating loss carryover to $250,000 for businesses.

To contact the House Finance Committee, e-mail them using the e-mail address strings I’ve provided below. Just copy them into your e-mail address box:,,,,,,,,,,

Alternatively, you can call the committee members:
Rep. Joel Judd (D) 303-866-2925
Rep. Debbie Benefield (D) 303-866-2950
Rep. Jerry Frangas (D) 303-866-2954
Rep. Cheri Gerou (R) 303-866-2582
Rep. Daniel Kagan (D) 303-866-2921
Rep. John Kefalas (D) 303-866-4569
Rep. Jeanne Labuda (D) 303-866-2966
Rep. Ellen Roberts (R) 303-866-2914
Rep. Ken Summers (R) 303-866-2927
Rep. Spencer Swalm (R) 303-866-5510
Rep. Brian Delgrosso (R) 303-866-2947″

Please contact the members of the House Finance Committee and express your concern over these crippling tax increases.  Even John Hickenlooper said raising taxes during a recession “counter-intuitive.”  I on the other hand, would call it plain DUMB.
Thanks for listening,
Justin Longo
Legislative Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado
“Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism.” -Mises
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