LIBERTY ALERT: Your Health Care Privacy is at Stake!‏

Hey everyone,
Please take a few minutes and read this special op-ed by Independence Institute Health Care Policy Center Director Linda Gorman titled, “House Bill 1330: The All-Payer Database is a Transparency Trojan Horse.”
Here are the nuts and bolts of this devastating legislation:
House Bill 1330 would create an “all-payer health claims database” in Colorado. Bill supporters claim government can reduce health care costs through “transparent public reporting of health care information.” In fact, the bill is a transparency Trojan Horse. It will make your most personal actions transparent to government officials, officials who have no business keeping track of what kind of health care you buy or what you pay for it.

The bill authorizes the state to collect information on every health care transaction in the state, including information from private medical records, insurer files, and hospitals.

People who refuse to comply can be fined. There is no limit to the fines that may be assessed.”

Point blank, our privacy and basic civil liberties are at stake here folks.
House Rep. Kefalas and Kagan, Apuan, Court, Fischer, Gagliardi, Levy, Miklosi, Pace, Primavera, Rice, Riesberg, Solano, Tyler, Vigil are sponsoring it on one side.  Senator John Morse is sponsoring it on the Senate side.
If you’d prefer to listen to a 15 minute podcast on this monstrosity, you can listen here.
If the state government is mandated to collect all of our private medical information in the name of “transparency,” we’ve clearly deviated from what the word means.  Transparency is a mechanism that allows the citizens to account for government’s actions, NOT for the government to keep track of its citizens’ most private information!  This government is supposed to serve us, not spy on us!
As soon as I find out the next step this horrible piece of legislation is taking, I will let all of you know.  I have a couple sources who are closely following it and will provide me up to the minute information.
Please stay tuned!
Thanks for listening,
Justin Longo
Legislative Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado
“Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism.” -Mises
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  1. TexasFred Says:

    Is a Libert alert anything like Liberty?? 😕


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I hate it when a C&P that is so long that you can’t read it goes a muck!

    Thanks for the heads up Fred.


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