Colin Simpson’s campaign manager speaks out

In a recent letter to the editor of the Wyoming Tribune, Joe Milczewski manager for the Simpson campaign has come out against the notion that the Democrats have their pick in Colin Simpson.

Unfortunately he neglects the fact that the Chairman of the Democratic Party Gwen Hamilton, virtually endorsed Colin Simpson on the Simpson’s own campaign web-site.

Simpson’s campaign manager defended the actions of the Democratic Chairman by calling them “Reagan Democrats”. While probably wise to thank them for their support, this spin actually reaffirms the intent of Simpson to pander for votes.

Being the Speaker of the House, Simpson has been relatively quiet during the recent uproar in support of blocking Obama Care in Wyoming. Since there was a mandate from the Democrat Party to block the Healthcare Freedom legislation these actions from the Simpson Campaign could be a defining moment in his run for governor.

Hearing all this talk about these “Blue Dogs” and “Reagan Democrats” here in Wyoming mirrors the tactics used by the Democrats during the healthcare debacle in Washington, to hear the same rhetoric from a “Republican” Gubernatorial candidate may not go over too well with conservative voters.

Simpson’s campaign manager goes on to suggest that “Simpson unites people”. I believe we heard the same exact thing during the Obama campaign, and we all know how that’s how that working out?

More political blather about being conservative could only weaken Simpsons defense, Since Wyoming’s government has grown to record size under his leadership.

Just “politics as usual” and recycled rhetoric coming out of Simpson’s campaign, is that what we can expect from Simpson as the Governor of Wyoming?

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