Another Election year fiasco

Here in Colorado we are yet again gearing up for another election year fiasco. There is more mudslinging than one might see in a pig trough. For the record…

  • I really do not care about what someone did in the past re: Failure to have a squeaky clean credit report.
  • I really could care less about minor legal transgressions, especially when it occurred years ago.
  • I find taking something completely out of context and splashing it all over the airwaves to be less than honorable, to say the least.
  • Making claims about supporting the Constitution and then supporting laws that clearly contradict that position are an acid test of personal honesty.
  • No, just because you have graduated from a law school does not make you superior to the rest of society.
  • No, your military record may be admirable. But that was then, and now is now.
  • No, I myself, and most others do not have some great need of your leadership because we the people are just to stupid to run our own lives.

Indeed, given all the rhetoric of late I am just disgusted.

2 Responses to “Another Election year fiasco”

  1. theorganizer Says:

    The trouble is that all that garbage wins elections. So what can us normal folks *do* about it?


  2. patricksperry Says:

    Perhaps simply contacting the various organizations and letting them know that you / we are fed up with all the negativity might help? If enough of us do that perhaps they will get that message.

    In any case, something clearly needs to be done.


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