Anger and Hurt in Colorado … again

By now I am sure that anyone that does not have their head in a hole in the ground knows that again in Colorado, there has been another tragedy at a high school.

Today some pathetic excuse for a human being made his way into  a High School and took six hostages. He released four over a period of hours. Then apparently made threats about a certain time, and consequences. (16:00 hours[PM])

As the time approached this misfit cut off communication. The Police, GOD BLESS THEM, did a dynamic entry. The coward perpetrator popped off a round or two at the good guys, then shot  one of the girls in the head. Killing her. He then turned the weapon on himself, with the same result.

The investigation continues, and an entire state grieves. More to follow, as this is a developing thing.

3 Responses to “Anger and Hurt in Colorado … again”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    There’s a lot that needs to be said on this but for now we ALL need to be ‘cool’ and let the investigation go forward and the facts come to the surface…

    I want to express my sympathy for the family of the dead student..


  2. Thamesportal Says:

    higglers, who are primarly woman who buy and sell goods Shaastra flat Indian pan breads. (5)


  3. patricksperry Says:

    Thamesportal. Please defend what you state here. To be very blunt. You are offensive. This creep sexualy asaualted his captives, and killed one of them before turning his weapon upon his own sorry self.

    Granted I am a philisofical Libertarian, but I am no anarchist. Texas Fred calls me a Warrior. So be it. Defend yourself…


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