PO2 Micheal Monsoor US Navy, SEAL Team 3, Iraq

Coronado, CA (AHN) – Navy Seals are known for their rigorous training, elite skills, and dangerous duties. Seals at the Coronado military installation report that one soldier, Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor, used his training, courage, and selflessness, to save the lives of his comrades by throwing himself atop a live grenade tossed by an Iraqi insurgent, which took his life. While posted along a rooftop in Iraq, Monsoor and an undisclosed number of fellow Seals, positioned themselves for sniper duty when a live grenade landed in their position. The explosive first hit Monsoor in the chest and then rolled to the floor. The Seal then quickly lunged atop of the grenade softening the explosion for his comrades and ending his life. In an interview with the press, four Navy Seals discussed the heroic actions of Monsoor but withheld their names because of the secrecy of their work “He never took his eye off the grenade, his only movement was down toward it,” said one of the soldiers whose life was saved. He did not, however, walk away unscathed. He took shrapnel in both legs. “He undoubtedly saved mine and the other Seals’ lives, and we owe him.” Monsoor, who was killed in Ramadi, a city west of Baghdad, is the second Seal to die in Iraq.

Source [edited] http://www.850koa.com/pages/shows_gunny-heroes.html

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  1. Cogan Says:

    I am trully very sorry for your loss,the Navy needs more hero’s just like him.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends.God bless.


  2. patricksperry Says:

    See this;

    Regarding Danny Deitz.


  3. Bob Mullay Says:

    Condolences. Any relation to a Mr. Monsoor former loan officer at the Santa Monica Bank? Great bank aquaintance of mine in the 1970s.

    Bob Mullay


  4. patricksperry Says:

    I really don’t know Bob. I just got close to some of the guys on the teams years ago, and try to keep track of things as best that I can. That, and I try to keep acts of honor on the front page of awareness, so to speak.


  5. patricksperry Says:

    Official presentation:



  6. Alan Says:

    Respect to this Hero


  7. rob rhine Says:

    just wanted to say that i loved your boy. we went to buds and sars. not at the same time but we crossed paths many times and ate in the chow hall together many times. sorry to not get in touch till now but iam just now deeling with my own ptsd which is pretty tough for warriors out there. pray for our men out there. i have been fighting a war for about 13 years now.


  8. Patrick Sperry Says:

    God Bless you Rob.


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