Ari lays it on the line

Ari Armstrong lays it on the line, with a little help from his father(that is.)

We have a mixed bag on the ballot here in Colorado. Clearly though, the Democrat vision is one of oppression and ever more Draconian government. The Republicans need to get back to their roots and once again start thinking like Goldwater and true conservatives.

The weak kneed positions on firearms rights as well as other issues bring to the fore the basic weasel like failure to fully support the Constitutions of both the United States of America and Colorado.

In these troubled times faced by our nation being politicaly correct will result in the very destruction of all that we hold dear.

By ignoring the Constitution, or twisting it beyond recognition; By treating the illegal immigration problem as a social issue rather than one of national security; By forcing citizens into second class citizenship our politicians are our worst enemies, as surely as Hamas and Al Quida in America.

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