Gerald Ford, and a Colorado Paramedic

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This is my first attempt at a trachback, so please bear with me.Patrick Sperry Says:
December 27th, 2006 at 2:04 am “Denver Base to Haley Paramedic seven.” The radio crackled;
“Haley Base to Denver General. Paramedic Seven is occupied can we assist you with another unit?”
“Negative Haley base, have them code up as soon as possible.”
“Copy that.” Larry the lizard replied with a snide tone in his voice.

Mike Rice, my EMT looked at me and said “I wonder what that’s all about?” I just shook my head, knowing that we would get stuck with all manner of lousy calls now that dispatch was irritated. We dropped off our patient, a little old lady in no acute distress, gave report to the nurse and headed out to the ambulance. Just for grins, I phoned D.G. dispatch by land-line, after all keeping my dispatcher out of the loop was fun. Not to mention it is every E.M.T.’s God given right to hate dispatchers.

What I heard was startling to say the least. He asked who my partner on the ambulance was that day, and I told him, adding that he was a recently dry docked Navy SEAL. It took all of about fifteen seconds for a response, I heard another voice in the background say “go!” I took the information and told Mike that we were about to go on an adventure. He kind of grinned, and said “Let’s do it Bro!”

Larry was waiting intently so he could send us on another taxi run, when I coded up on the radio….

Haley Base, Paramedic Seven is seven and ten D.G. O.L.F.A. to Vail Valley Medical Center. “Copy that Paramedic Seven, patient name, condition, and insurance information. ” I responded that he would need to contact Denver Dispatch for the information.” ( Later I was told that he called them and they told him that he did not have a need to know! LMAO!)

I had a special type of security clearance that allowed me to provide emergency care to diplomats and such. Even so, I didn’t actually know just who I was going into the mountains to bring back to Denver for treatment.

We pulled into V.V.M.C. and I knew that whoever it was, they were high risk. Secret Service people guided us to our parking spot. Yes, they are easily identified.

We got the pram out and went into the E.R. Again, we were guided by the not so secret Secret Service to a room. Walking in I saw a former President of the United States. It appeared that Gerald Ford had what is called a syncope incident while playing golf in Vail.

He was cheerful, and did not think that he needed all this attention at all. But, protocol is protocol. The transport was uneventful, and we spent most of the time in small talk. Pointing out this or that landmark, an Elk, and a Bighorn near Georgetown. I knew that we had a before and aft escort, but that is the only time that I ever had a Gunship overhead escorting the ambulance.

Gerald Ford was a nice man in that short time that I was around him. Full of interesting things that he shared. I may not have always agreed with his politics. But I must say that he was indeed one of the most special patients that I ever had in my care.

Rest in peace Sir.


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