What You Won’t Find in the Clinton Museum…

What You Won’t Find in the Clinton Museum and Library

This is a LONG piece, and it does start off with a slight bit of Bush bashing, but it rapidly stops as the author goes into great detail regarding the business dealings of the Clinton’s… Please, if you’re going to look at it, read it ALL, it is very enlightening, and I honestly think Hillary believes these matters are long forgotten… Well, they’re NOT…

What You Won’t Find in the Clinton Museum and Library
by: Sam Smith


BILL CLINTON AND GEORGE BUSH are the two most corrupt individuals to have occupied the White House in modern times. While Bush has clearly proved more venal and deadly and far more destructive of the American republic, it is a fair reading of history to say that Clinton was the warm up band for George Bush, towit:CLINTON, WITH NO LITTLE HELP from the Democratic Leadership Council, discredited and destroyed long standing principles of social democracy that had guided the party since the New Deal. Instead he offered the public GOP Lite. As Harry Truman pointed out, given a choice between a real Republican and someone who talks like one, the public will favor the real one.

CLINTON NEUTERED PROGRESSIVE organizations ranging from Americans for Democratic Action to women’s and black groups. Early in his administration they swore a loyalty that not only blinded them to his faults and corruption but left their brains devoid of ideas and arguments with which to take on the conservatives.

CLINTON DRASTICALLY LOWERED the standards of national politics with the help of a Washington establishment that rushed to his assistance as each scandal developed. The result was the Arkanization of the capital under which the only standard became whether you could get away with it. This opened the door wider for the even more venal neo-cons and their candidate, George Bush.

CLINTON WAS NOWHERE NEAR as good a politician as the Washington media and political establishment has claimed and the myth has proved to be a destructive fantasy for the party. Bill Clinton got 43.9% of the vote in 1992, while Michael Dukakis – purportedly the worst of all candidate – got 45%. True Clinton was up against Ross Perot who got 19% as well as Bush, but Clinton might well have lost were it not for Perot, in which case he would have joined Michael Dukakis in the hall of shame. Clinton won a majority in only two state-like entities: Arkansas and DC. In only 12 other states was he able to get ever 45%. Dukakis, meanwhile, got over 50% in 11 states and got over 45% in 12 others.

THE DAMAGE DONE TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY by Bill Clinton was the worst experienced under any incumbent president since Grover Cleveland. Here are some of the stats:

– GOP seats gained in House after Clinton became president: 48– GOP seats gained in Senate after Clinton became president: 8

– GOP governorships gained after Clinton became president: 11

– GOP state legislative seats gained since Clinton became president: 1,254 as of 1998
– State legislatures taken over by GOP after Clinton became president: 9

– Democrat officeholders who became Republicans since Clinton became president: 439 as of 1998

– Republican officeholders who became Democrats: 3

CLINTON’S SCANDALS, going far beyond Monica Lewinski, were a major liability for Al Gore in 2000, far more so than Ralph Nader. According to the 2000 exits polls:

– 60% of voters disapproved of Clinton as a person– 59% – including some who approved of him – disliked him

– 68% said he would go down in the history books for his scandals rather than for his leadership

– 44% thought the Clinton scandals were important or somewhat important. In contrast, only 28% thought Bush’s drunk driving arrest was important or somewhat important.

– 15% of those who had voted for Clinton in 1996 voted for Bush in 2000.

Much More Here:
What You Won’t Find in the Clinton Museum and Library by Sam Smith

Can we STAND another Clinton administration

Stolen from http://texasfred.net/?p=936

Clinton will never get my vote simple as all that. Why?

  • Clinton is a sexist.
  • Clinton hates Our Military.
  • Clinton hates the Constitution on many fronts, and it only takes one to lose my vote.

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