Firearm Fatalities At Record Lows

ITASKA, IL—A newly released report from the National Safety Council shows that accidental firearms-related fatalities remain at record lows, and that firearms-related accidents involving youths continue to decline significantly.The report says these downward trends are occurring even as firearms ownership continues to rise in the United States. Statistics in the NSC’s 2007 “Injury Facts” report show a 40 percent decrease in accidental firearms-related fatalities during a 10-year period ending in 2005. The report also shows firearms-related accidents involving children ages 14 and under declined 69 percent between 1995 and 2003. Downward trends also are being reported by other sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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So much for the raving antics of Barrister Silverman ( that appears to be proud of the apparent fact that he would be happy that my mother would have been killed by a knife wielding rapist. My own life would have been sacrificed as well. Me? I thank GOD for Ruger 357 Magnums, Super Vell Ammunition, and the MARINES that taught me how to shoot. Period.

Listen folks; As noted elsewhere on this blog terrorists are among us. They could care less about any laws that we propose, much less enact. They intend to kill you, yes you. As well as your families…

So? What are our so-called leaders proposing? Why, to dis- arm us of course! (as noted also elsewhere on this blog). I submit that the answer to this dilemma, is FREEDOM! LIBERTY! JUSTICE! No more, and certainly no less.

With Freedom comes responsibility. With Liberty comes Accountability. With Justice comes Honor. I submit that Justice is not the realm of Lawyers, but the realm of the common person.

Look folks, we are very close to revolution fever here.

Why? In my opinion, because we, as a people, have decided that the Constitution is some outdated thought process of Old Dead White men. I would postulate that what we, as a people need to do; Is remember the works, deeds, and thoughts that those old white men displayed in the writings that led to the founding of this nation!

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