Thomas Sowell

“Collective guilt is one of the legacies of the 1960s that is still with us. We are still seeing a guilt trip for slavery being laid on people who never owned a slave in their lives, and who would be repelled by the very idea of owning a slave. Back in the 1960s, it was considered Deep Stuff among the intelligentsia to say that American society—all of us collectively—were somehow responsible for the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King. During the 1960s, the idea spread like wildfire that whatever you were lacking was someone else’s fault—society’s fault. If you were poor, whether at home or in some third-world country, you were one of the ‘dispossessed’ —even if you had never possessed anything to dispossess you of… If other people are somehow responsible for whatever is lacking in your life, lashing out at random against individuals who have done nothing to you personally can sound plausible to many people. Whether or not the latest mass killings at Virginia Tech were a result of medically verifiable insanity, there have always been insane people but there have not always been mass killings with the frequency we have seen since 1960… Instead of banning guns, maybe we should rethink 1960s dogmas.” —Thomas Sowell

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