Israel, a thorn in our foot? Or in our very soul?

Israel is always on my mind. For one, or another reason. I myself love Israel having been there on several occasions. I love the courage of the people there. The sheer tenacity for life that the people possess after centuries of being flattened by so many other peoples from all over the world.

When things get really, really bad Israeli’s have much in common with Americans. After all, who the hell else gets so much flak just for being who, and what they are, than Israeli’s, or was that Americans..? Hell, I get so confused about those things.. After all, most Israeli’s are from the former Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany. Sort of like the Irish and Scot Irish in America. They are strangers in a desperate land. Hence, I think, that there is a kinship between the two nations.

I have met many Arabs as well as other Muslims while traveling in the mid east. I have met Jews in most parts of the world. Introduced individualy there have been many fine and just people from both groups. Then, there are those that are so stuck on the Ugly American theme that they cannot get their collective heads extricated from their asse’s. From both groups.

Who the hell has come to the aide of either group when the feces hits the rotating occilator device?

The United States of America. That is who. Call us what you want. Deride us at every opportunity. I simply do not care. I am an AMERICAN!

Read this, and just perhaps you will begin to get a glimmer about what I speak of…

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