The Election is not over yet

As much as most of us wish that the election was over it is not. There are still races that could determine whether the forces of freedom will prevail in some small measure. Or if the socialist juggernaut of the Democrats will simply steam roll us all into some reworked version of the Soviet Union.

Gun Rights in Jeopardy
-- All Eyes on Georgia Senate Race

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Your gun rights may be hanging in the balance, depending on the
outcome of elections in Minnesota and Georgia.

The Democrats currently control 58 seats in the Senate. If they get
to 60 (the number needed to overcome a filibuster), it will be nearly
impossible to stop the gun control agenda of incoming President
Barack Obama.

The Minnesota Senate race between radical anti-gunner Al Franken and
pro-gun Sen. Norm Coleman is coming down to the provisional and
absentee ballots. Sen. Coleman's lead of fewer than 200 votes is
slipping away, while Franken and his legal team are busily trying to
steal the election.

With the growing possibility of Democrats getting to 59 Senate seats,
all eyes are now focused on Georgia.

Pro-gun Senator Saxby Chambliss is in a tight December 2nd run-off

Saxby is "A" rated by Gun Owners of America. His opponent, Jim
Martin, refused to respond to the Gun Owners of America candidate
survey, but he has an anti-gun record from his days in the Georgia
State House.

No wonder that Sen. Charles Schumer, the anti-gun extremist from New
York, is so excited about this race. Schumer, who heads the
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is pouring tons of money
into Martin's campaign.

But the stakes are much higher than just getting another anti-gun
Senator. If Democrats can get to the magic number of 60, the minority
Senators will lose their ability to stop any gun control legislation
that is anointed by the leadership. Therefore, a world of
possibilities opens up for anti-gun Senators like Dianne Feinstein,
Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Frank Lautenberg.

President-elect Obama and the Senate leadership know what is at stake
in Georgia. That's why they’re descending on the state by the
thousands and pouring in millions of dollars.

Pro-gunners need to do the same. If Saxby loses this seat, there
will be dire ramifications for years to come. Without the ability to
stop the anti-gun leadership, we could see:

* The reauthorization of the Clinton gun ban;
* Legislation to close down gun shows;
* A ban on .50 caliber rifles;
* Massive expansions of the NICS background check system;
* More and more gun stores put out of business;
* Ratification of an anti-gun UN treaty;
* Lock-up-your-safety requirements like personalized handguns, and

Gun owners, sportsmen and anyone concerned about the erosion of
liberty in this country should engage in this battle in Georgia.

If you live in or near Georgia and can volunteer to make calls, knock
on doors, etc, please call or e-mail the Chambliss campaign right
away. Go to for contact information.

Saxby also needs the financial resources to reach as many voters as
possible in the final days before the election. Please go to to contribute to the Chambliss

This race is extremely close. Senator Saxby Chambliss has stood with
gun owners in the U.S. Congress. It's time for us to stand with Saxby
now. Please visit to help Sen. Chambliss win
this election.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman

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5 Responses to “The Election is not over yet”

  1. US Election On Best Political Blogs » Blog Archive » The Election is not over yet Says:

    […] The Election is not over yet As much as most of us wish that the election was over it is not. There are still races that could determine whether the forces of freedom will… […]

  2. John Emerson Says:

    There’s no evidence that anyone is doing anything wrong in Minnesota. You should have evidence before you make wild accusations. Minnesota has a well-deserved reputation as a clean government state with honest elections.

    The votes aren’t all counted yet and no one has won. Wait till the winner is declared before you started making noise.

  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Who made any wild accusations? Also, why did you take so long to comment? This was posted well over a week ago. Guilty conscience or what?

  4. John Emerson Says:

    No evidence that Franken is trying to “steal the election.” Just a wild allegation. Neither Sen. Coleman nor Republican Gov. Pawlenty has made any such claim.

    I commented because Google brought up your site. You should be the one with a guilty conscience.

  5. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Lets see, I post someone else’s work, with full citation, and I am supposed to feel guilty..? I don’t think so John, not at all.

    GOA’s article says that Frankens legal team was trying to steal the election, not Franken himself. Isn’t that what, in common vocabulary, lawyers try to do on a regular basis?

    Google must be slipping, that, or your search was pretty delayed. After all, this post got something along the lines of 400 hits the day that I posted it.

    Have a nice day John 😀

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