Not without a fight: Second Amendment March Newsletter

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Director Max Lemus has finished his documentary, “Not without a fight.” Lemus wrote on his website:

This project grew out of my frustration with anchor men and women (media as a whole) who I think portray pro-gun rights people in an unfair and mostly negative light without truly giving the person interviewed an opportunity to explain the human side of gun rights. It seemed to me that the media would select a radical to interview and let the person represent all gun rights supporters, or they would cast stones at a clean cut and articulate gun rights supporters. Unfortunately the gun rights debate is sparingly presented in a logical manner.

I am shooting the documentary so that it will accomplish two things:

1. Dispel inaccuracies and introduce gun rights supporters as the regular folk that I know them to be.

2. As people share their personal journeys, I hope that they become like a blue print for others who want to get involved but don’t know how or where to start. Not just for gun rights but for all issues that affect the nation.

Included in this documentary is Second Amendment March founder Skip Coryell.

Watch a trailer here

Download the video here

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