911 No, we will never forget, nor will we ever forgive…

Yes, this is a day late. I had no internet access and so had to content myself with silent mourning as I sent the freight shaker down the roads of America. The radio was filled the stories of those that perished, and the righteous anger of those that lived on.

Stories about Policemen, and Firefighters, Port Authority folks as well as those about the sacrifice made by heroes that day. I’ve posted elsewhere on this blog about those that I knew that died that fateful day. Not to sound cynical, but, yet again those that work in EMS were left out. I suppose the lives of Paramedics and EMT’s simply don’t count as much as those of others. Enough of sour grapes though. Life is way too short to dwell on such piddley things.

Jon Caldara, at 850 KOA radio put on a very touching show. I remembered listening to him that day as things played out. Things that changed this nation forever. Some good things to be sure. But some decidedly bad things as well. We Americans made a dreadful mistake in choosing some little security at the cost of a loss of a lot of liberty.

Afghanistan should have been obliterated, period. As an abject lesson to the enemies of Liberty and Freedom. Can you folks understand that I for one, am still more than a tad upset over the loss of my friends and co-workers?

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  1. PanAm Says:

    Excellent commonsensical and profound comments, as well as honest from the heart feelings and observations many share and will continue to share.


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