The Insanity of Regulations and Crony Capitalism by the WH Administration all the While Promoting the Fear of the “Fiscal Cliff”

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Witnessing the insanity coming from Washington, D.C. makes me wonder how many Leftie Loons reside within 50 miles of “the loop”.

Is it insanity OR a planned gradual influx of Progressivism/Marxism with the end result being STATISM?

Read this:

Marxism in America through Gradualism and Dialectic Process Ideology of Antonio Gramsci (Italian Communist). Saul Alinsky Tactics based on Gramsci.

Obama is tied to the Industrial Areas Foundation (founded by Alinsky) and currently tied to DEMOS.



Instead of the “Fiscal Cliff”, Americans SHOULD be worried about the affect the Obama enacted REGULATIONS on Businesseswill have on the employment numbers as well as the shuttering of many small businesses that will be unable to meet the regulations to remain a viable business.

The Archaic 1947 Farm Bill that expires the end of this year.  Allowing it to expire will create a GOVERNMENT control…

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