Great News! Gillette’s Anti-Gun Mayor Tom Murphy has resigned!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned — its that when politicians stop feeling the love — and are consistently exposed to their constituents, it causes a strong desire to return to their old job.

Just prior to Mayor Murpy’s resignation, WyGO’s ground game heated up as we worked feverishly to expose Murphy’s ties to yet another anti-gun organization.

You see Tom Murphy was a participant in a National League of Cities steering committee.

Murphy and his pal Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau (Republican) suggest they are involved in these liberal-leaning organizations only to- “sell the energy industry.”

But this is a bald-faced lie! It’s all part of a hidden agenda and progressive politicians have learned to “play the game” all to well.

The League of Cities is well versed in “progressive ideas” such as Environmentalism, Immigration Amnesty and as you guessed by now, Gun Control.

Just take a look for yourself in the National League of Cities 2013 Public Safety & Crime Prevention Policy and Resolutions.

To name a few items on the NLC wish-list:

*** Require registration of all hand guns ***
*** Ban on Black Rifles ***
*** 30-day waiting period ***
*** Sales and transfers only by gun dealers ***
*** Closing the so-called gun show loop hole ***
*** Limit magazines capacity to 10 rounds ***
Of course they want you to believe that, “Mayor Tom Murphy’s involvement with the NLC is just a mere coincidence”.

But the indisputable truth is that the NLC is a progressive think-tank that exists only to train lawmakers in advancing their agendas, including gun control.

WyGO is the ONLY organization in Wyoming working at this level — to expose the anti-gun politicians and their lobbyist pals.

And in order to continue with an aggressive fight — I need your help today.

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter and sign up for monthly donations here.

Remember today we won, but in the coming days a new mayor will be selected. With your help WyGO will be there asking the tough questions again.



   To Liberty,


Anthony Bouchard
   Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners


P.S. We received an early Christmas gift with the resignation of Gillette’s anti-gun mayor Tom Murphy.

Be proud that your dedicated activism helped expose Murphy for what he really was, helping him make the decision to quit.

“WyGO is the only state level group that legislators take seriously” – Dudley Brown Executive Director National Assoc. for Gun Rights
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