First Amendment About To Be Shredded By Obama And Dems … J. D. Longstreet

JD Longstreet is one of the finest bloggers in the world, and this post hits the ball out of the park! All of our rights are under attack by the maniacs in the White House. Not just the Second Amendment. The total annihilation and destruction of The United States of America is in fact their goal.

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First Amendment About To Be Shredded By Obama And Dems
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


J. D. Longstreet -- 5-28-2013 -# 1 NARROWActually, it has taken a bit longer than I had expected, but Obama and his “Marxocrats” are finally getting around to us, you know, conservative broadcasters, commentators,  and bloggers.

Yep, they are finally going to  make an all out effort to shut us down — and up!  We will officially be “Haters.”  Then they’ll accuse us of hate crimes because we don’t follow the “party line” and slap our behinds in jail, or reeducation camps,  much like the old Maoist reeducation camps of a few decades ago.

So far the MsM hasn’t made much of this because they are controlled from the Obama’s West Wing or directly from the Oval Office.

( I wonder how “amazed” the Leftist press will be when Obama’s henchmen march into their press rooms and begin smashing…

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