Should you carry with a round in the chamber? Addendum

Carry with one in the chamber, period. If you feel this is unsafe, then train up to it! Be it a 1911 or Glock platform loaded is the way to go! Same for revolvers.

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In continuing with the discussion about if you should carry with a round in the chamber (or not), I’d like to offer some recently published hard data from Claude Werner.

Claude wrote an article on Gunhandling. In this article he discussed two recent experiences: one was shooting the Swiss concealed weapons qualification test, the other was regarding the handling of malfunctions at an IDPA match. While the malfunctions experience is worthy of discussion unto itself, it’s the Swiss test that I’m focusing on today.

I assert that one should carry with a round in the chamber. One key reason? Time matters. To have to rack a round into the chamber is going to cost you time. How much time? Claude writes:

To get an initial feel for the difference between chamber empty and loaded chamber start, I did five one shot unconcealed draws using each technique. Overall, chamber empty was slower to the tune…

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