Wasted Effort…

Mini Rant: Wasted Effort. The lefty mainstream media, their pathetic politicians, clueless Hollywood dweebs and the protesting thugs (many of whom are hired) can’t seem to understand that they are all part and parcel for their defeat in this last election. They don’t grasp that their nonstop lies, arrogance, stupidity and corruption is what has turned America off with them. Many people voted for the first time, or the first time in many election cycles (This doesn’t count criminal votes from illegal aliens and voter fraud by the dems) because we all are fed up to our eyebrows with watching them destroy all that is valuable to us as American’s – from morals to our entire way of life – in order to try and force us to become a third world socialist nation. We’ve rejected that notion and we reject them – just as we reject their propaganda. They can lie, whoop, cry, whimper and holler all they want to…all it does is cause us to change the channel or ensure we’re armed to deal with their hired thugs. They lost, time will not reverse itself, nor will the choice of the American people of our new President change, and all of their foul behavior is naught but wasted effort.

Guest Commentary: H/T Gary Bennett @ Facebook

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