Telling it like it is!

LISTEN UP… I did not pen this, however, I am in full agreement:
WE THE PATRIOTS of the United States call for the investigation & adjudication of Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Al Green, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Michael Moore for disruption of government, attempted overthrow without legitimate cause of a sitting president, and the destabilization of American society and economy for criminally-motivated political and financial gain.
We also seek the investigation and removal of all CAIR members a well know Islamic threat to america, and all mosques in the united states,and any group of Islam harboring terrorist,weapons,and any training camps committing crimes against the united states, and connections to helping build training camps with terroristic intents to build armies to over throw our government,they must be investigated and closed down.
We also seek the investigation & adjudication of all others in acting and deep-state government as well as the corrupt “news” media-outlets complicit in these acts of fraud, slander and treason, including but not limited to Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Nancy Pelosi.
These political criminals and others following the “Rules for Radicals” playbook are dividing America, delaying job growth and prosperity, and jeopardizing our national security, at the expense of our income, our savings and retirement accounts, our freedom of speech, our ability to find a job, our safety, and our FUTURE.
It’s time to send the “Resistance” to Iran, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, or any country that actually has an oppressive government worth resisting.
You live in America, STUPID! Stop whining and count your blessings. George Soros will lead you off a cliff, as he has done in Hungary, Ukraine, and most recently Guinea.

H/T Trixie Knox

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