About America’s Sheriff and that Pardon

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Trey Gowdy’s response to John McCain regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
“I may not be a big fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio but I am able to recognize that the time line in which Sheriff Joe was ordered by the court to stand down regarding the questioning of people for potential violations of immigration, came at a time when Barack Obama decided he simply did not agree with Public Law 414 Title II Chapter I Section 212 Immigration law passed June 27, 1952, outlining the criteria which deny entry into the US those individuals and Groups who, have literature, attempts to distribute literature, which teaches, follows, subscribes to, doctrine which is contrary to The United States Constitution and laws of our land…
Where was your moral high ground and indignation while Obama ordered Border Patrol Agents to stand down and turn a blind eye to the mass illegal entries into our nation…In addition, Obama facilitated mobilizations of the illegal immigration by providing transportation in the form of stretch vans, that were driven down to the border and pick up and transport illegal immigration into our nation, expediting their ability to disperse and disappear into our nation’s cities…
Obama’s order to the Border Patrol Agents was accompanied with consequences should they decide to do their rightful and lawful duty and protect our borders from this insurgency orchestrated by the Obama Administration… One of those consequences included the use of Federal District Courts to impose court orders to control the Local Law enforcement who are not under the direct command of the President… Sheriff Joe Arpaio is living proof that this actually occurred and has been victimized by our Courts through the express direction of Obama…”

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