Why..? No, this is not from the Hate America First Brigade!

This is from Laurie McDonald, a Facebook Friend. An American woman. need I say more?

why has obama made it ok to hate america

before obama was president there was not all this hate for America
He also created all this racial tension … he encouraged it

He divided us in every way he could find .. sex .. color… rich.. poor … instead of inspiring greatness … he instigated victimhood ….

in the PC world of global warming .. now called climate change … and Brotherly Tolerance … the Community Organizer and his followers … are breaking windows in stores …. lighting cars on fire … assaulting fellow Americans … and calling us Fascists … while they behave like Fascists ….

we no longer can watch a football game with out a political anti american statement being made by the millionaires we pay ….

Or watch a benefit … with out being told we are not intelligent because we do not share the celebrities beliefs …

America had come a long way … we bled to make men free …. that blood was reparation enough … but the victimhood goes on ..

and it festers to hate …. Seems to me the only thing obama ever did … was spread hate … he truly is one of the most sinister and evil men to rise to power in a country that was founded on a Christian Foundation and was Blessed in so Many Ways …

Even now after his presidency is done … he is snarkly stalking our President around the world … and interfering in the Country …..something we have never witnessed in our life time

Watching my Fellow Americans carry each other out of the flood waters .. rescuing each other not caring about anything but helping each other …… makes me feel good … for it reminds me of the Goodness and Christian Brotherly Love we share and it reassures me that all this Hate we have been witnessing in the media … is not Reality … that is their False Reality … that they want us to believe .. …

We are All Americans .. We are in this together … there are some among us who would seek to destroy us …. Good Always Wins ….

I don’t know if you have noticed but President Uses the word Love a lot when he speaks … He said “We should all Love Each Other With True Affection” … true affection … is a powerful thing …. Hopefully everyone will stop and think for a moment … its time to start Loving America for all its Goodness …. let go of the hate and practice a little “True Affection”

MAGA …. is a great mantra … and we are being persecuted and hated for saying it … We should all Want America to Be Great …

I am sick of the intolerance and hate being shown by certain Americans … who think it is alright to Hate on Others ….by allowing it and ignoring it … it is being condoned and spread .. it is ok to Hate America .. it is cool to Hate America …. it is PC to Hate America … the media .. the politicians .. the celebrity .. antifa .. blm .. they are all backwards .. they are what they say others are .. they are hateful and violent …. and Dark .. and will only bring grief with their rhetoric and lies … there truly is a War of Good and Evil happening .. we need to end the Obama legacy of hate ….. the communist Alinsky manifesto was dedicated to Lucifer ….lest we forget .

Keep Praying Warriors …Love and Prayer … Kills Hate ….Lets Love America Again!

Wind, steel, and honor my friends!


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