The Worst of the worst..?

The worst of the worst? Based upon what..? The economy? A total obama made disaster. Say what you want but every move he made, or allowed caused the worsening of a bad thing. National Defense? Are you kidding, I mean really is there any question at all? Really..? Race relations? While far from perfect (are they anywhere in the world?) he sent them to a time that precludes my lifetime. That included Watts 1, 2, and 3. Selma, Birmingham, and the rise of the Klan, and Nazi movements in the 60’s. National respect? Self respect was a joke, and is still in recovery mode. International respect was bought, and paid for by the obama. More than once… Climate change? He has to still be in cahoots with All Gore’s money making scheme because man made climate change has been exposed as exactly that, a money making scheme. National safety, do we really need to go there? He, and his minions supplied Mexican cartels with weapons hoping to raise the ire of the American people to the degree that they would call for totally un-Constitutional restrictions, if not outright bans on personal weapon ownership. The opium epidemic was totally under his reign of terror as well. Need I really continue..?

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