And about all of that political correctness…

It was interesting to say the least. A neighbors woman child that is attending college as a journalism major took issue with me over some previous posts here as well as on my Facebook page. In a nutshell here are my thoughts about this issue. No, I am not going to bother with citation because any first year English student could locate the various supporting information quite easily. In other words do your own research if you don’t like what I have to say.

First, I call this monstrosity “The Political Correctness of the day.” Why? Because it changes over time as societal populism morphs. It is indeed a form of “Direct Democracy.” That happens to be true whether it is based upon a time tested moral ideology, or upon a passing fad.

And you know what? That is just fine for those that want to live in such a place. Give up what ever freedom or liberty you care to so as to please the masses that surround you. Slavery was, and in some places, is still an accepted way of life. Interracial social mixing is abhorrent to some people. Partaking of wine or pork gets the same response in some communities. Fealty to ones nation is viewed as sin by some groups. The list goes on in a never ending litany…

I live in what is called a “Republic.” While I am not the sort of person that lives with my life or religion on my sleeve? I have respect for those that do so. Just so long as they do not attempt to force their way of life upon myself or anyone else. Where I live there is what is called “The Bill of Rights.” That set of Laws covers many things. All of which are related to personal freedom, and liberty. Guess what? Those liberties are not subject to the currant whims of the populism of the day. Not just for myself but for everyone.

Well? The girl child just could not accept that social premise. Imagine that… And she really became angry with me when I told her that her way of thinking was nothing more than an overt expression of Mob Rule…

Which? Like it or otherwise is exactly what The Political Correctness of the Day happens to be.

Perhaps that is just one reason why one of my nicknames is;


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