White Hats Take Out Obama Spy Chief


In an astounding update to my last post, after an FBI informant and his family were massacred, Trumpassassins have now taken outPresident Obama’stop spy chiefMichael Hayden.

Michael Hayden’s government service was described by the Columbia Journalism Review:

Hayden has a long history of making misleading and outright false statements, and by the estimation of many lawyers, likely committed countless felonies during the Bush administration.

It is something of a wonder that someone responsible for so many reprehensible acts is now considered a totally above-the-fray, honest commentator on all issues intelligence.

When you hear Michael Hayden spin his garbage, remember,Michael Hayden is a war criminal and a liar.

After Donald Trump defeated HRC in the 2016 election, Hayden claimed he had “wasted 40 years” of his life. Meaning, he witnessed President Trump unravel the coup plot thatHaydenhad…

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