Red Flag Laws

          Red Flag Gun Control Laws

So called Red Flag Gun Control Laws seek to disarm individuals deemed too violent to be allowed to possess or control firearms. “red flag law is a gun violence prevention law that permits police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves.”


   This accusation can be made by anyone, anywhere, and without any probable cause. The accused party has no ability to present counter arguments in their defense. Most, if not all of these laws do not have any time table built into them for a hearing for restoration of that person’s property or Second Amendment rights. Many politicians see this as a holy grail for putting a halt to much of the gun violence that happens, as well as other.
Those others may well be; Jilted ex-lovers; ex- spouses, former business partners, angry neighbors, co-workers that have serious disagreements with the targeted person, and political opponents just to name a few. Accusations such as these can also be used for harming a person’s public, personal, and professional reputation as well. Arrest records never go away. Indeed, investigation records never go away, and can be brought up, and used against a person decades later just based upon the fact that they were investigated for something. Much like frivolous lawsuits the damage is done simply by the existence of the accusation. These laws are written in such a manner that no legal action may be taken against the person(s) lodging the complaint.

Even if controls were implemented the utter lack of due process make these unacceptable in a Republic with a Bill of Rights such as in The United States. Further, there are already mechanisms codified into law that have been used for decades to address the core issues of being a danger to one’s self or others without abusing the natural rights of a person. These are commonly called mental health holds, or intoxication holds. Therefore “Red Flag Laws” are an abuse of authority by society upon an individual as well as the weaponization of government by groups and individuals for the sole purpose of political and or social conquest.

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