Gun Town wants free fire zone!


Yes, this one will make it into the stupid is as stupid does category. Case in point; Chris Smith will remember this incident if he reads this.

Several years ago the Bloods and Crips were in a turf war involving Denver’s City Park. One day it evolved into gunfire, and a small child was hit by a bullet. Now, what the gun haters will not tell you is that it was far from a single shot that was fired. The gang members, true to form were undisciplined in their firearms training, and resorted to the spray and pray method. While they did indeed hit a child in a stroller, and spread terror, they were just plain ineffective. That, good people, is why one good man (or woman) with a gun can defeat many that have guns, but are in fact inept in their proper use.

It doesn’t matter one bit where the venue is, be it a school, a park, or a government building. Disallowing the good people to be effectively armed only creates free fire zones for those that would do harm to others. Would it stop all of the violence that may occur? Of course not. But at least those with decent morals, and determination would stand a chance against the maniacs that roam this world that we live in.

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