The United Nations are again seeking to undermine our Constitution

U.N. Members, Gun Lobby Face Arms Fight

September 30th, 2007

UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Britain, Japan, Australia and others are pushing for an unprecedented treaty regulating the arms trade worldwide, in a campaign sure to last years and to pit them against a determined American foe, the National Rifle Association.In what U.N. officials say is an “overwhelming” response, almost 100 governments have submitted ideas for such a treaty, to be reviewed over the next year. There’s an “extremely urgent” need for controls on the international gun trade, says Kenya, echoing the sentiment in much of guns-besieged Africa.

But in the U.S., the NRA says it sees a creeping attempt to limit civilian gun ownership within nations – even though the focus now is on setting standards for arms exports and imports.

The international issues “necessarily will come to involve at some point domestic laws and policies regarding firearms,” said former congressman Bob Barr, a leading NRA voice on the subject.

“That’s not what we’re looking at here,” countered Greg Puley, of the Control Arms coalition of pro-treaty advocacy groups. “The point is to control trade in weapons that contribute to conflict and atrocities.”

The NRA and other U.S. gun lobbyists have helped blunt earlier efforts at the United Nations to rein in the weapons trade. Last December, the U.S. delegation cast the lone negative vote when 153 nations approved a General Assembly resolution initiating this new treaty process.

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U.N. Members, Gun Lobby Face Arms Fight


This is yet again another attempt, in the long run, to undermine the Constitution of the United States. They (elements of authoritarianism within the U.N.) continue to attempt to weaken, and destroy freedom and liberty across the entire globe. So what? It’s only guns…. Well people it’s time to wake up. What will it be next? Your right to spew forth whatever you care to say? Or, it could be any of the other rights that are found in the documents that are the foundations of the United States of America?  Those rights are all needed in place, for one supports the other, and so on. Chip away, or remove any of them and the entire ideology that they support will come apart.

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