It’s the Stupid, Economy « Gary Patrick Garry

It’s the Stupid, Economy « Gary Patrick Garry

Poor Gary, he just cannot cope with reality from the looks of things. Complaining about the business cycle does nothing to improve anything. he complains about a business that offers employment way below par, but fails to mention that in the very same city cocktail waitresses earn well over a hundred thousand dollars a year. At least the three that I know do.

He complains about the problems besetting the automotive industry, and says or implies that if only the labor unions were still powerful everything would be just hunky dory. Guess what? The unions are what brought on the majority of the problems. With poor quality and exorbitant pricing back in the early seventies it is no wonder that foreign manufacturers made great inroads in the domestic market.

Have to take a pee in your Cheerios Gary, and use one of those economic terms that you are so uncomfortable with. Wal Mart is such a success because of opportunity costs. Not because of any sinister corporate greed.

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  1. Gary Patrick Garry Says:

    I am Gary Patrick Garry. This post comes up when I am Googled and the word “moron” is attached to it. Could you please delete this? I wrote something you disagreed with five years ago or so, so what? I don’t want this to define my name on the Internet. I’m not a bad or evil guy, I just wrote my opinion and I would never plaster your name as a “moron” on the Internet so please do the right thing and delete this Patrick, okay?


  2. Gary Patrick Garry Says:

    And, for what it’s worth I actually concur with a lot of libertarian ideas. I edited this edition of Republic Magazine and wrote an article in it:


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Hum, well Gary, seems as though that was a copy and paste back to what you wrote as a link to you. I didn’t name the associated picture. Perhaps someone renamed the picture..? BTW, the Business Cycle is not Libertarian, it simply is what it is. I’ll try and edit out the picture though.


  4. Gary Patrick Garry Says:

    If you delete this post (and it is totally meaningless you and the world at large) you will be doing me a service and I would appreciate it. I don’t see why that should be a problem for you.

    If I wrote something disparaging about you, which I wouldn’t, and you made the same request I would gladly comply.

    I’m not a public figure so I don’t think you really have the moral right to attack me and publish it. I’m just a humble guy who was stating his opinion.

    I would never have had the opportunities I have had if it wasn’t for my grandfather being able to get a union job so that is instilled in me by my family. I don’t think that this makes me such a laughable and reprehensible character.

    You don’t really intelligently address the points that I made, you simply attack me and that really has no business on the Internet. It’s not adding to the information that is available on the Internet in a useful way.

    I’ve lived with this being associated with me for years so it isn’t the biggest deal in the world but I would greatly prefer that it simply went away.


  5. Patrick Sperry Says:

    If it isn’t such a big deal then why worry about it. Present your ideas in an informed and intelligent manner and perhaps then I will address them likewise.

    And, since you don’t seem capable of reasoning it out. I didn’t attack your character Gary. I commented on something that you published that has no sound economic reasoning behind it in this day and age. Or back when this was put up on the net. I’m not going to pull it. I didn’t do anything wrong or immoral by commenting in response to what you had written.

    Have a nice day.


  6. Gary Patrick Garry Says:

    In the end I guess I’m glad this is up here, thanks. Unlike you I do believe in unions and I do believe that Walmart is part of the problem not part of the solution. Thanks for spreading my message!


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