Memorial Day 2008

Memorial day … The young folks that live next door thought that this was some sort of party type day. They were discomfited a bit when I told them otherwise. But, what can one expect in this day and age where public schools only teach that the United States is nothing but a predator nation that was founded by men that were hypocrites, and worse.

Anyways, I told them about the holiday, and a little about some of the men that died so that they could be lied to by teachers. Men like my father, that fought in World War Two, and then was killed during the Korean War. Men like Mark Adams that I went to school with that joined the Army upon graduation from High school because he believed that Americans were a good and noble people, and died when the helicopter that he was riding in was hit by an RPG in Vietnam. Men like “Sonny” David Carlson that turned in a Harbour Trestle Special surfboard for an M16 and a hitch in the Marine Corps. His was a closed casket funeral.

Memorial day is a day for celebration. Celebrate the courage, honor, and sacrifice that was given by those that gave their very lives for the rest of us.

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  1. Sanity Rules Says:

    Nice post. Reminds me of the opening scenes of “Saving Private Ryan”, where the now older Private Ryan with family in tow, reaches the grave site of the man who gave his life for him.

    None of the family could really appreciate the situation because they had been spared from the horrible experience by people such as himself.

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