Profiles of valor: USA Sgt. Mora

United States Army Sergeant Ezequiel Mora of DeKalb, Illinois, was on patrol in a Baghdad neighborhood in May 2007 when his convoy was attacked. The rear Humvee in the convoy was hit by an explosively formed penetrator, the most lethal of all roadside bombs. The convoy commander and platoon medic were both in the damaged vehicle, and both were badly injured. Mora directed his Humvee to the rear. He ignored heavy fire as he jumped out to aid the trapped soldiers. Mora assisted in rescuing the gunner and administered first aid to the badly wounded medic. He turned his attention back to the wounded gunner and, along with another sergeant, carried him to safety though still under fire from the insurgents. Sergeant Mora saved the lives of many soldiers that day. As a result of his courage and determination, he was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor.

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