Taliban resurgence?

On Sunday, 200 Taliban fighters attacked 45 American soldiers at a remote outpost in Afghanistan. The Taliban militants crossed the border from nearby Pakistan under cover of darkness, surprising the American troops, who had not yet completed the defenses of their new, makeshift outpost. But despite being outnumbered more than four to one, the valorous American force inflicted grievous losses on the Taliban, who were driven off after a four-hour firefight. Nine American soldiers were killed and at least 15 more were injured. While Leftmedia outlets like The New York Times are pointing to the incident as proof that we are losing in Afghanistan, we think it shows that our courageous soldiers are capable of winning against overwhelming odds, especially when they are given the right strategy and support.

To that end, the Pentagon has dispatched the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to the Gulf of Oman, where it will provide air support for U.S. special forces. Democrat and Republican lawmakers have confirmed that the White House has authorized a plan to deploy commandos deep into Pakistan’s tribal areas, where al-Qa’ida and the Taliban have been operating freely. The decision comes after a tumultuous debate among President Bush’s staff. In light of Islamabad’s failure (and even unwillingness) to rein in the Islamic terrorists within its borders, we believe that President Bush’s decision to take more aggressive action inside Pakistan is the right one. As the improved situation in Iraq clearly shows, an insurgency can be defeated, but only when its havens are no longer safe.

source: Patriot Post

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  1. patricksperry Says:

    Looks like one Platoon of US ARMY Troops kicked some serious booty!



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