Rebellious Republicans

Rebellious Republicans are flexing their muscles in California. More of this needs to be done around the country. The Democrat machine is all but set to destroy what we, as a nation have to believe in. That being limited government, free markets, as well as the general liberty and freedoms so long as we do not infringe on the liberty and freedom of others.

No Permanent GOP Minority
by Robert Novak
Posted: 07/07/2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. — When House Republican leaders left Washington for their Fourth of July break, they felt good about outwitting the Democratic majority. The feeling was not reciprocated 3,000 miles away, where conservative California Republican activists were drafting an ultimatum. The Lincoln Club of Orange County is telling GOP leaders of both the House and Senate that it is too late to repent. They must go — or else lose big money.

The message: “Come Nov. 5, should the current GOP leadership in either house survive to lead in a new Congress, the Lincoln Club of Orange County will review the financial backing of all congressional Republicans, and we urge others to do likewise. A GOP caucus that would re-elect such leaders is not one we would likely continue to support. Because, simply put, we refuse to support a permanent minority.”

The Lincoln Club estimates that its nearly 300 members will individually contribute $1.5 million to federal causes and candidates in the 2008 election cycle. The club is spreading its message to angry Republicans throughout California and around the nation. The ultimatum finds responsive members of the House (if not the Senate), who even now are preparing a housecleaning after the additional loss of seats in this year’s election.

House GOP leaders were triumphant June 27 as Congress recessed for a week. They had passed war funding and telephone surveillance bills with solid Republican backing and minority Democratic support. Chairman David Obey had just shut down the Appropriations Committee process so that Democrats would not be forced to vote on Republican oil-drilling proposals. The Republican leaders congratulated themselves that they were winning the debate over whether boosting production or curbing speculation is the proper response to runaway gasoline prices.

Unfortunately, say Republican reformers, it looked like the operation was a great success but the patient died. Popular though expanded drilling may be, Republicans are blamed for four-dollar gasoline. Away from the party leadership table, members blame a negative Republican image created by leaders.

That’s the view of the Lincoln Club paper signed by Rich Wagner, its president, and Chip Hanlon, a board member. It deplores refusal by party leaders to support a one-year moratorium on earmarks, whose 285 percent growth when Congress was under Republican control is “the perfect symbol of the GOP-led profligacy that drives us crazy still.” Earmarks “epitomize the fiscal recklessness that led to Republicans becoming a minority in 2006. … It’s no wonder the Republican leadership continued to fail on … entitlement reform and a reduction in federal spending.”

The Lincoln Club blasts conservative Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia, whose personal earmarks totaled $83 million last year, for defending his pork as “being entrepreneurial about bringing something home.” It also assails conservative Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, a member of the leadership who has opposed earmark reform and voted on the floor against only one earmark. With his annual earmarks totaling $22.5 million, McCotter declared a year ago, “I will not unilaterally disarm my donor state.”

On June 25, however, McCotter apparently felt enough heat to disarm unilaterally, with a surprise announcement that he had requested no earmarks this year. It may be too late for the 42-year-old third-termer, threatened with losing his House Republican Policy Committee chairmanship after only two years if the Lincoln Club of Orange County gets its desired clean sweep.

“We urge other Republican donor groups to reinforce this important beginning,” read the club’s ultimatum, adding, “It is not credible to ask the American people to return Republicans to the majority when all we offer them is the same group of leaders and policies they so recently rejected.”

The statement asserts these leaders “have no idea what we say when we get together” and are “still oblivious to the source of our discontent.” Now, if these contributors have their way, it is too late for the leaders. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who began his campaign for re-election in Kentucky by bragging about his earmarks for the state, probably has more to worry about from his Democratic election foe than insurgent Republican senators. House Minority Leader John Boehner, who sponsors no earmarks himself but has not backed reform, faces an all-too serious challenge.


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5 Responses to “Rebellious Republicans”

  1. David Lamb Says:

    It’s not just about the Democratic machine. Republicans have a machine and it’s just as bad. We need to unite against the partisan machines and start voting on issues and candidates, not on parties. The opposite of partisanship is not bi-partisanship.


  2. bringing down the house Says:

    […] destroy what we, as a nation have to believe in. That being limited government, free markets, as wel forward Redlands Daily FactsIt would be difficult not to become interested in the rich history […]


  3. patricksperry Says:

    Well stated David. I am of the opinion that right is right and wrong is wrong in nearly all situations. Neither republicans nor Democrats have a lock on being pure.


  4. goodtimepolitics Says:

    I’m a democrat that has voted Republican for many years now because I have voted for the lesser of the evil…will end up being the same this election, voting for the lesser of the evil. I just can not vote for a man that let his children sit and listen to Jeremiah Wright taking God’s name in vain and condemning America. I can not vote for a man who does not TOTTALLY support our troops, the wounded and the ones still on the battle fields. I can not vote for a man that says I’m clinging to my hunting gun because I’m bitter! I can not vote for Obama.


  5. patricksperry Says:

    I said pretty much the same thing over at another blog GTP. One response said something about voting foe the evil of the lessors. I sort of like that twist myself!


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