Backlash to Obama officials squelching political speech

Barack Obama’s commisars in Missiouri went overboard when they threatened to use government power to suppress views opposing his stated proposals. As reported by World Net Daily several Missiouri officials, St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill” were all a part of this blunt attempt at stiffiling free speech.

This is yet another example of why a completely new political party is so desperatly needed if this nation is to survive.

A BIG Hat tip to Texas Fred! For finding this story! 😀

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4 Responses to “Backlash to Obama officials squelching political speech”

  1. in2thefray Says:

    I want to know if any of the false Obama ads have aired in MO. If so are the people’s legal reps looking into those ? If the ads have run I doubt anyone is raising a finger which leaves the elected officials involved stepping over some real lines.

  2. 9/11 Truth Says:

    Sometimes I need what only you can provide – Your absence.AshleighBrilliantAshleigh Brilliant

  3. patricksperry Says:

    My understanding is that the ads did run In2thefray, but this could have been only threats etc.

    <- ROARS LAUGHING at 9/11 Truth

  4. Iran War Says:

    Talent does what it can; genius does what it must.EdwardRobertBulwer-LyttonEdward Robert Bulwer-Lytton

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