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The Colorado ballot is pretty cluttered this year compared to others that I have seen over the course of thirty years. I am using Gunny Bob’s template from radio 850 KOA . Although I disagree with him in some instances as to the “why” my recommendations are the same. I also realize that many of my Libertarian friends will disagree with me, and that’s fine. They are after all, the very same people that put forth a gun grabber as a Senate candidate. As well as the current candidate for President that helped write a law that turned Anglo American law on it’s head. ( some items were re-spelled so that Marc would have to look beyond spelling to bitch about what was posted.)

Amendment 46: Vote YES. This is an anti-racism, sexism and bigotry measure. It will outlaw the granting of preferential treatment based upon physical characteristics. In other words, it prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin or ethnicity.

Amendment 47: Vote YES. This proposal would protect workers from corrupt unions by making Colorado a right-to-work state by disallowing the mandating of union dues or fees as a condition of employment. In other words, it prevents a union from placing a choke hold on workers who choose not be part of a union. Unions are against this proposal, naturally.

Amendment 48: Vote YES. Planned Parenthood, the eugenics-based largest abortion mill in the world, is against this proposal, which would grant person hood status to the unborn. It would NOT outlaw abortions in any way, shape or form.

Amendment 49: Vote YES. Unions are attacking this one because it would prohibit unions from automatically seizing dues directly from paycheck if you work for the state, as if the money is theirs rather than yours.

Amendment 50: Vote YES. The nanny state is against this measure, which would give people more freedom to play gambling games and make bets they wish to make. If you want to play roulette or shoot craps or bet more in a game, what business is it of big government’s?

Amendment 51: Vote NO. This is a tax increase for another special-interest group. The developmentally disabled are already funded just fine.

Amendment 54: Vote YES. This measure would outlaw what amounts to bribery in government contract bidding with contractors making gigantic contributions in order to win contracts. This is an anti-bid-rigging proposal.

Referendum L: Vote YES. This would lower the minimum age to serve in the Colorado House or Senate from 25 to 21. If a citizen can serve in the military at 17, why not the legislature at 21?

Referendum M: VOTE YES. This is simply eliminating obsolete old laws relating to land value increases.

Referendum N: Vote YES. Ditto above but this one eliminates obsolete laws on liquor.

Referendum O: Vote NO. The people’s right to place state constitution amendment proposals on the ballot must be protected. Referendum O, if passed, will restrict that right. This is an anti-voters’-rights proposal.

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  1. A Colorado Voter Guide Says:

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]


  2. Denver Says:

    What an amazingly ignorant, smug statement you made

    Amendment 51: Vote NO. This is a tax increase for another special-interest group. The developmentally disabled are already funded just fine.”

    How in the wordls would you know this. Try telling this to the 12,000 folks with developmental disabilities waiting up to 20 years for desperately needed sercies.

    Try telling this to the Interim Committee of the Colorado Legislature who spent the entire summer of 2007 trying to fins funding.

    Try telling this to Frances Owens (fiscally conservative Republican and ex First Lady of Colorado) and Bob Gardner (another self-described fiscally conservative Republican), who both support Amendment 51, and wrote the following:

    Those with developmental disabilities need help now

    By State Rep. Bob Gardner and Frances Owens
    Article Last Updated: 10/05/2008 08:08:37 PM MDT

    As long-term advocates for people with developmental disabilities, we strongly disagree with The Post’s recent editorial on Amendment 51 (“Disabled are deserving, but Colo. can’t afford a tax hike,” Sept. 26).

    The time to help Coloradans with mental retardation, Down Syndrome, autism and other developmental disabilities is now. They have waited for basic services for far too long.

    Amendment 51 helps people who need it most. When passed, it will create a critically needed safety net for 12,400 eligible children and adults with developmental disabilities who need, but do not receive, care. It provides new funds through a modest sales tax increase of two-tenths of 1 percent, or two pennies on $10, excluding tax on essential items such as gasoline, groceries and prescription medications.

    This statutory (not constitutional) proposal helps people like Russell and his mom. Russell is a 63-year-old man with mental retardation who lives with his 85-year-old mother because he needs help to eat, dress, bathe, and use the bathroom. His mother put him on the waiting list more than 15 years ago. Because of age and failing health, she worries constantly about who will care for Russell when she dies.

    Amendment 51 helps children like Sam, a 4-year-old with autism and multiple physical disabilities, who could learn to walk, talk, feed himself, and play with other children if he was not waiting at the bottom of the list for services.

    For Sam, Russell and his mother, and thousands more Coloradans, there is absolutely no safety net for the vital services they need. They have already waited far too long. The time to help is now.

    Under Amendment 51, the spare change in our pockets, the pennies on the sidewalk we often just step over, will add up to more than $186 million each year. For most of us, it is an unnoticeable amount, but those pennies will help more than 12,000 children and adults who, through no fault of their own, face tremendous burdens every day just getting by.

    Regardless of political affiliation, people generally agree that government has some basic responsibilities to our most vulnerable citizens. In this regard, our state is failing. At 46th in the nation, Colorado is near the bottom of the list in fiscal support for people with developmental disabilities. Given that fact, it is no surprise that admissions at the Pueblo Regional Center and similar facilities in Wheat Ridge and Grand Junction have been frozen. There is not even space for known emergency cases.

    Because of a lack of funds, thousands of Coloradans with developmental disabilities have been waiting 10 years or longer for critical services to allow them to live dignified and healthy lives: daily living support, 2 4/7 supervision, employment training, nursing services, or transportation. Many of their family caregivers can no longer help due to age or illness. Many caregivers will die before their sons or daughters receive the services they need. In fact, more than 9,000 Coloradans with developmental disabilities are being cared for by parents 60 years or older.

    Some may question why two fiscally conservative Republicans like us support Amendment 51. We are not alone. The constraints on our state budget prohibit any other way to provide the necessary funds to tackle a problem of this magnitude. We know the developmental disability levee is about to break, and there is no realistic alternative available to address this growing crisis. Unless we do something now, there will be no end to this wait for people with mental retardation, Down Syndrome, or cerebral palsy.

    For us, this is a tax that matters. As a state, we owe it to our families, friends and neighbors with developmental disabilities to consider this measure. As voters, we have the right to remedy this situation. The wait for people with developmental disabilities and their families has lasted far too long.

    Now is the time to help those who need it most. Vote “yes” on 51.

    State Rep. Bob Gardner is a member of the 2007 Interim Committee on Develop- mental Disabilities. Frances Owens is a former first lady of Colorado.

    You know nothing, research nothing and make ignorant statements.


  3. patricksperry Says:

    Actually, I have, and you are a red herring that took the bait hook, line, and sinker!

    Your methodology, that of attacking the messenger reveals your true nature.

    In any case, I should be able to choose what charity, if any that I give to. Not be forced to do so by the government. This would be palatable, and probably more effective if it were to allow for unlimited tax write offers that were given voluntarily.

    I choose to give to the Colorado S.I.D.S. Foundation. Not to pump up something that already is provided for via medicaid. ( Home nursing for help with ADL’s)


  4. Tim Says:

    So at least be smart enough to make a cogent argument, and intellectually honest enough to respond to provide reasoned, supported responses to criticisms?

    Your original post claimed that the “developmentally disabled are already funded just fine.” No support was given for this assertion.

    The poster with evidence that persons with developmental disabilities are not funded “just fine,” but rather that “thousands of Coloradans with developmental disabilities have been waiting 10 years or longer.”

    These are the facts. Medicaid funding is not adequate, and thousands of people are waiting a decade or longer for services.

    If you still somehow believe that people should vote against 51, at least do your readers the courtesy of providing accurate facts so that they can reach a reasoned conclusion.


  5. patricksperry Says:

    At least you could address my issues Tim. Forcing me to pay for someone else’s care is not charity it is totalitarianism, period. Are you a socialist? If so then come clean and clearly state your position as being for big government taking care of people when we, the people should do that because WE choose to do so. So, I take it that you care about some classes of people that are in need of assistance, but not others. Further, that you, are the one that is anointed and can, and will make those choices for me, as well as others? I pay for medicaid already Tim. I also pay for a lot of other things via people like you that I would rather not be paying for. Democracy, is mob rule, nothing more, and nothing less. What you, as well as the people that support this insane and immoral thing are nothing but members of the mob.
    By the way Tim, did you bother to read what I posted? That while I may disagree with Gunny Bob, I come to the same conclusion by another pathway? Apparently not…

    At least “Denver” had the courage to openly show a track back. Don’t worry, I will not post your info…

    I have a sense of honor, and I do, in fact support those that are in need that I choose to send money to. I donate to Colorado S.I.D.S. Foundation, as well as the Stout Street Clinic. That is where I voluntarily choose to send what extra funds that I have. This government mandated abomination will effectively curtail those efforts by taking from those that have none, to your chosen ones that have some. Just not enough as you see it. All, in one most FOUL swoop I might add.

    I hope that you are proud of yourself…


  6. Heather Simms Says:

    Wow Patrick Sperry, you caught me. I am a mob-mom. As I sit here, tonight in the hospital…day 13 in Children’s Hospital mind you….with my two year old who has an undiagnosed mitocondrial disease, you have realized my alter-identity….I am a socialist mob-mom

    No, I don’t support 51 because my daughter will probably never be able work, live on her own or requires 24 nursing care that we are now on a six year waiting list for…..I only support it because I want to tell you what to do with your two pennies on ten dollars.

    I have never been so offended by a post. This is not a special interest group. These are people, who by no fault of their own need this help. This is what decent societies do Patrick. They take care of people who cannot take care of themselves.

    Insane and immoral thing? Shame on you.


  7. richard myers Says:

    “Amendment 47: Vote YES. This proposal would protect workers from corrupt unions by making Colorado a right-to-work state by disallowing the mandating of union dues or fees as a condition of employment. In other words, it prevents a union from placing a choke hold on workers who choose not be part of a union.”

    There’s one significant element missing from this analysis. Unions are required by federal law to represent all members of the bargaining unit, whether they are union members or not. Because this is so, unions are allowed to assess a fee for services rendered. This refers not to political contributions, but to services such as contract bargaining, safety programs, and training.

    If this amendment were to pass, it would result in some workers getting something for nothing.

    It is as if insurance companies were compelled to provide auto insurance to anyone who walked through the door, but a powerful “right to be insured” organization guaranteed that no one had to pay for that insurance. If insurance policy payments were voluntary, insurance companies would go out of business in a matter of months.

    Now, some people hate unions, and would like to see all unions destroyed. But if that’s the goal, then the argument that this would protect workers from “corrupt” unions is specious. It would damage unions, regardless of their particular circumstances.

    Unions have given us the 40 hour work week, the eight hour day, higher wages, safer working conditions, and greater opportunity for pensions, and health care for the family. Destroying unions could throw much of that away.

    Whether “conservative libertarian” theory would care one iota about such matters may be another matter. But i would argue that Ayn Rand is dead, and her entire philosophy has been rendered utterly obsolete by the most recent stock market crash.


  8. patricksperry Says:

    Heather, my heart goes out to you. But that still does not in any way change the fact that you will be taking from others what they worked for involuntarily. That is called slavery. BTW, I have spent countless hours at TCH. I have also cared for “Ridge Kids.” I hope and pray that your child does not end up in a situation like that.

    Richard, being forced to join a union, by whatever means, is immoral, that is the point. As for Ayn Rands ideology being dead, and the stock market fiasco? I think that you not only have not studied her work but that what little you do know of it is being badly misinterpreted.


  9. patricksperry Says:

    Here is an additional piece from someone that I respect quite a bit.


    Also, as opposed to the Gunny, I think that 48 is too poorly worded to vote yes on. It really needs to have things spelled out more clearly IMO.


  10. patricksperry Says:

    Funny how the IP tracer found a single source for the above comments…

    Colorado Progress Now…

    Go figure!


  11. Trey Says:

    Dead on Patrick! Why am I mandated (enslaved) to give to certain charities because some big government official decides it is a worthy cause. They have no problem spending my money and calling it “neighborly, charitable, and fair.” Well if that is the way they feel, they should spend their own monies. Just as they would cry out if I mandated they give their money to one of my charities, I am crying out that I’m required to give money to their charities.


  12. patricksperry Says:

    Precisely Trey, precisely!

    Not to mention that there are more than a few wealthy people that would help to set up a private donation establishment, if only those folks would ask.


  13. cp palsy Says:

    cp palsy…

    The Kentucky Post reports that Covington\’s Glenn O. Swing Elementary School’ s protest has been sustained. The KDE incorrectly classified two kids at the school as learning disabled who were not. Once these kids were removed from the school’ s l…


  14. Paul Basedow Says:

    I love your concise and to the point guide, just what I was looking for as I have been very busy. Things in the day and age are black and white, yes and no, up and down but unfortunately our newly formed society has adopted the “let’s sit and talk about what is right and wrong for you”, there is no you, it is US.


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