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A Colorado Voter Guide

November 2, 2008

The Colorado ballot is pretty cluttered this year compared to others that I have seen over the course of thirty years. I am using Gunny Bob’s template from radio 850 KOA . Although I disagree with him in some instances as to the “why” my recommendations are the same. I also realize that many of my Libertarian friends will disagree with me, and that’s fine. They are after all, the very same people that put forth a gun grabber as a Senate candidate. As well as the current candidate for President that helped write a law that turned Anglo American law on it’s head. ( some items were re-spelled so that Marc would have to look beyond spelling to bitch about what was posted.)

Amendment 46: Vote YES. This is an anti-racism, sexism and bigotry measure. It will outlaw the granting of preferential treatment based upon physical characteristics. In other words, it prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin or ethnicity.

Amendment 47: Vote YES. This proposal would protect workers from corrupt unions by making Colorado a right-to-work state by disallowing the mandating of union dues or fees as a condition of employment. In other words, it prevents a union from placing a choke hold on workers who choose not be part of a union. Unions are against this proposal, naturally.

Amendment 48: Vote YES. Planned Parenthood, the eugenics-based largest abortion mill in the world, is against this proposal, which would grant person hood status to the unborn. It would NOT outlaw abortions in any way, shape or form.

Amendment 49: Vote YES. Unions are attacking this one because it would prohibit unions from automatically seizing dues directly from paycheck if you work for the state, as if the money is theirs rather than yours.

Amendment 50: Vote YES. The nanny state is against this measure, which would give people more freedom to play gambling games and make bets they wish to make. If you want to play roulette or shoot craps or bet more in a game, what business is it of big government’s?

Amendment 51: Vote NO. This is a tax increase for another special-interest group. The developmentally disabled are already funded just fine.

Amendment 54: Vote YES. This measure would outlaw what amounts to bribery in government contract bidding with contractors making gigantic contributions in order to win contracts. This is an anti-bid-rigging proposal.

Referendum L: Vote YES. This would lower the minimum age to serve in the Colorado House or Senate from 25 to 21. If a citizen can serve in the military at 17, why not the legislature at 21?

Referendum M: VOTE YES. This is simply eliminating obsolete old laws relating to land value increases.

Referendum N: Vote YES. Ditto above but this one eliminates obsolete laws on liquor.

Referendum O: Vote NO. The people’s right to place state constitution amendment proposals on the ballot must be protected. Referendum O, if passed, will restrict that right. This is an anti-voters’-rights proposal.

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